Decided to stay with my mom to help her out

The other year, I had to head out west so that I could be there for my mom.

  • She was having some harsh health complications plus she needed some assistance.

Since my job is a mobile one, I told my other family members that I was willing to go out plus stay with her for as long as necessary. Well, I wasn’t actually expecting the tremendous difference in climate that I faced out there. I had no idea whatsoever that the dust plus sand from the desert was going to be a big problem with my breathing. I have never actually had scary respiratory complications before, however when I moved in with my mom, the indoor air quality levels in her residence actually threw me off. I had a tough time breathing, plus I was coughing far too often. I ended up talking to her local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine dealer to see if they had any ideas for helping me out with my horrible respiratory complications. The Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine service professional that I spoke with said that the first thing that he would do was get some HEPA air filters installed in my mom’s Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C machine. He said that HEPA filters are great at filtering out over 95 percent of dust, dirt, debris, and most types of pathogens. I easily liked the sound of that! Then he brought up the fact that we might want to add a good UV Light Air Purifier, too. Having this UV light air cleaner in my mom’s residence has made all the difference in my breathing. Without the UV air cleaner, I don’t really think that I would have been able to keep living with my mom for all this time. The air purification system gets rid of dangerous pathogens plus it actually helps advance the indoor air quality levels in your residence.

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