I decided to stay with my father to help him out for a little while

The other year, I had to move out west so that I could help out my father.

He was having some severe health problems and he needed some extra assistance.

Since my work is pretty much mobile, I told my siblings that I was willing to go out and stay with him. Well, I wasn’t even expecting the difference in climates that I ran into out there. I honestly had no clue in the least that the dust and sand from the desert was going to be such a massive issue with my breathing. I have never honestly had acute respiratory problems. When I moved in with my father, the indoor air quality in his dwelling honestly threw me for a major loop. I had a strenuous time breathing, and I was coughing on a regular basis. I ended up talking to his local Heating & Air Conditioning appliance corporation to see if they had any ideas for helping me out with my respiratory setbacks. The Heating & Air Conditioning appliance contractor that I spoke with stated that the first thing that he would do was get some HEPA air filters installed in my father’s Heating & Air Conditioning appliance. He said that HEPA filters are perfectly capable of filtering out over 96 percent of dust, dirt, debris, and most kinds of pathogens. I totally loved the sound of that! Then he mentioned that we might want to add something called a UV Light Air Purifier, too. Having this UV light air cleaner in my father’s dwelling has made all the difference in my breathing to be honest. Without the UV air cleaner, I don’t really think that I would have been able to keep living with my father for the past year. The air cleaner works like clockwork to get rid of microscopic pathogens and it helps greatly to improve the indoor air quality in your dwelling.

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