I told my partner not to tinker with the HVAC machine

My partner always wants to try as well as work on everything in our residence herself.

  • I’m always letting her know that she’s not a professional HVAC machine repairman nor a certified HVAC worker, but she doesn’t care about that in the least.

Fixing your a/c machine yourself might seem sort of like a great move at first, however doing a proper A/C machine repair requires expert comprehension of a/c machines. Experimenting with your A/C machine to try as well as maintain it yourself is never a smart move, since usually it will end up costing you more in repair costs in the grand scheme of things. I tried to explain all of this to my partner, but she is rather stubborn when it comes to these types of things. I told her that our A/C machine has a warranty that becomes void if anyone messes around with it! The warranty only works if you have your A/C machine repair done by a certified HVAC worker. Not only that, however it’s very dangerous to mess around with HVAC machines if you don’t actually know what you’re doing… And honestly, my partner doesn’t know much of anything when it comes to electrical things. Since most A/C machines run on 220 volts of electricity, that can be especially dangerous. That much electricity can kill you, as well as so I told my partner that I don’t want her messing around with it in the slightest. Of course, she never listens to myself and others as well as so she ended up tearing our A/C machine up in its entirety. She wasted time as well as effort, plus she put herself as well as our residence in danger just because she wanted to save currency on HVAC machine repair bills.

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