My fiance should have listened to me

My fiance pretty much always wants to try & service everything in our property herself.

I’m always telling her that she’s not a professional appliance repair worker nor a certified HVAC serviceman, although she doesn’t care… Fixing your air conditioning equipment yourself might seem like a superb plan in the beginning, however doing a usual air conditioning equipment service job requires expert knowledge of air conditioning equipment. Experimenting with your air conditioning component to attempt & service it yourself is never a great idea, since usually it will end up costing you more in service costs in the long run. I honestly tried to explain all of this to my fiance, although she is rather stubborn when it comes to things such as this. I informed her that our air conditioning equipment has a warranty that becomes void if anyone happens to mess around with it. The warranty only works if you have your air conditioning equipment service done by a certified HVAC machine worker! Not only that, however it’s very dangerous to mess around with HVAC equipment if you don’t fully know what you’re doing. Sincerely, my fiance doesn’t know too much about electrical things. Since most air conditioning equipment runs on 220 volts of electricity, that can be terribly dangerous. That amount of electricity can truly kill you, & so I told my fiance that I don’t want her trying to work on it. Unfortunately, she never listens to me & so she ended up tearing our air conditioning equipment up completely. She wasted a ton of time & effort, plus she endangered herself & our property just because she wanted to save currency on HVAC equipment service bills.


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