My mother needed me, so I went to stay with her for awhile

Last year, I had to transport out west so that I could assist my mother. She was having numerous health complications and she needed some more assistance. Since my job is essentially mobile, I told my sisters that I was willing to go out and stay with her for a little while. Well, I wasn’t honestly expecting the difference in the severe climate control that I ran into out there! I had no idea in the least that the dust and sand from the desert was going to be such a massive issue with my breathing. I have never had to deal with many respiratory complications. When I moved in with my mom though, the indoor air quality levels in her beach property certainly threw me for a crazy loop. I had a strenuous time breathing, and I was coughing on a regular basis. I ended up talking to her local Heating and A/C equipment company to see if they had any ideas for helping me out with my respiratory drawbacks. The Heating and A/C equipment worker that I spoke with stated that the first thing that he would do was get some HEPA air filters installed in my mom’s Heating and A/C system! He was telling me that HEPA filters are capable of filtering out over 95 percent of dust, dirt, debris, and pathogens. I truly appreciated the sound of that! Then he mentioned that we might want to add something referred to as a UV Light Air Purifier, too. Having this UV light air purifier in my mom’s property has made all the difference in my breathing. Without the UV whole-home air purifier, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stay with my mom for the past year. The whole-home air purifier gets rid of various microscopic pathogens and it certainly helps improve the indoor air quality levels in your property.


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