Brother is an HVAC tech, no matter the circumstances

My big brother is one of those dudes who can’t turn off his working brain.

No matter the circumstances, he is going to be the man in charge and he’s going to be obsessive about the task in front of him.

Even if you are in the middle of a project, he will walk up and suddenly take it over as his own. After that, you are somehow in the way of my brother completing the task you started in the first place. It can be extremely exhausting to have him over at your house. This is especially true when you’re just trying to kick back and relax, and he starts messing with all of your indoor air handling equipment. You see, besides being a know-it-all Mr. Fixer, my brother is a certified Heating and Cooling specialist. He works downtown and performs massive commercial HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance appointments for enormous corporations. However, that doesn’t stop him from getting involved with household air quality control systems every chance that he gets. Whenever he comes over to my house, it’s guaranteed that he’s going to disappear into the basement and start messing with the heating and cooling system. He will take the air handling equipment apart and start cleaning all of the internal machinery. He will also inspect your air ducts for filth and clean them nicely. This all might sound like a positive part of knowing my brother, if it weren’t for all the unnecessary comments he will make about your heating and cooling system. His unsolicited help immediately becomes a way for him to lecture you on his superior HVAC knowledge.


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