Dog navigates house using the HVAC system

My mom is a pretty funny human.

She has a penchant for collecting animals and overwhelming herself with the amount of care that she has to give them.

The thing is, she really loves to find the most broken critters that you can imagine. Namely, she absolutely loves to adopt blind dogs for some reason. They are always extremely entertaining and lovable pets that she acquires. Plus, it’s interesting to see how they navigate the house without their eyesight. Her current dog seems to have figured out a different system than the ones in the past. Specifically, by using her indoor air handling system. For a few days, we’ve been lounging around in the wonderful air conditioning indoors and I’ve been watching her dog get around. I couldn’t figure out how he got from room to room without running into the walls… Until I realized that he always waited for the air conditioning unit to turn on before he started moving. After that, I paid closer attention to his routes around the house and realized they were based on proximity to air vents. Whenever the heating and cooling system is operating and high-quality indoor air is streaming through the vents, he starts pacing around the house. Clearly, he’s navigating with temperature differences and the feeling of air streaming past his nose. When he senses cold air coming from the air vents, he can tell where he is. Then he navigates easily to the next air duct opening and continues into the next room on his patrol. It’s really quite smart. My only question is, what happens when she turns off the central HVAC system?

Heater technician