Friend won’t leave the safety of her HVAC system

I worry about my friend Nikki a great deal.

She’s a really wonderful human being, but she’s also the most traumatized person I’ve ever known in my life.

She tends to panic about things and she lives under highly controlled conditions to keep her mental health in order. Because she is so nervous all the time, she lives a very isolated life. She doesn’t like to leave her apartment very much under normal conditions… And then a pandemic happened. These days, she’s so worried about breathing outdoor air that she literally refuses to leave her home. She’s convinced that her indoor air is the only safe place to maintain her respiratory health. Whenever the COVID-19 pandemic first started, she rapidly went out and bought an air purifying system as well as a bulk pack of HEPA air filters. I know she’s been hunkered down in her apartments, running the air purifier 24/7. She’s been changing her HEPA air filters every week in order to readily capture all of the microscopic airborne particulates that might irritate her respiratory tract. I don’t think it’s a bad idea for her to have advanced air quality control measures in her home because they’ll probably save her on utility expenses in the long run. However, I do worry about her increasing agoraphobia caused by this air quality control obsession. She already lived such a small and fearful life before the news channels started telling us that death was contained in every breath. Now, I seriously don’t know if she’ll ever leave her safe HVAC haven ever again.


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