I can tell when the air filter was changed last

I recently went to my aunt’s house to help her with a few random chores.

She struggles to get her lawn mowed, to clean her gutters, and to keep the house clean inside.

I know that she has a lot of disabilities that keep her from maintaining these household tasks, so I wanted to lend her hand while I had the spare time. When I arrived at her house, however, it was obvious that there were bigger issues at hand. Namely, her indoor air quality needed to be improved immediately. After taking two steps into the door, I knew that her central cooling system wasn’t working properly or she had filth inside of her air ducts. It legitimately felt like she had no air conditioning system operating whatsoever. Even worse, the indoor air was stagnant and smelly as if it was full of unwanted airborne particulates. I thought I shouldn’t pay attention to her failing indoor air quality and decided I would service her central heating and cooling system. My aunt insisted that the air quality control system was fine, but it was obvious that she was just embarrassed. I know for a fact that she hadn’t cleaned her air vents, air ducts, or even changed her air filter in at least 10 years. She overtly disagreed with this observation and continued to tell me that she had regular heating and cooling appointments. But, the evidence was obvious when I started pulling out long white dog hairs from her ductwork and HVAC equipment. My aunt hasn’t owned a dog in over a decade.

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