Instead of adjusting thermostat, go outdoors

We’re certainly in a period of rapidly changing times, aren’t we. It seems like everything in my life is completely unstable right now, especially surrounding my finances. I lost my job during the pandemic and I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for full-time employment ever since. I’m trying my best to keep my expenses low because my savings account is only going to last so long. Therefore, I’ve been doing what I can to cut grocery, energy, and HVAC costs at my house. It’s been rather difficult to achieve all of these goals because I’m stuck indoors all the time. Obviously, you need your central heating and cooling system when you’re going to be indoors from dawn to dusk. I don’t leave the house to go on adventures or to attend my job anymore, meaning my heating and cooling system is taking the brunt of my abuse. These days, I’ve been trying to change my perspective more than I change the settings on the thermostat. I know how costly it is to adjust to the heating and cooling control plan because it amounts to higher energy bills and more wear and tear on the central HVAC system. Rather than subjecting the thermostat to my abuse like this, I’ve been working on my appreciation of the heating and cooling devices. Whenever I start to feel uncomfortable inside, I walk outside and jog around for a few minutes in the natural heat and humidity outdoors. By the time I’m done outside, my indoor air temperature will feel amazing and I won’t have to increase my energy usage.

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