Never asking friend to house sit again

It’s really difficult to go out of town for any extended period as an adult.

There’s too much going on at your house to feel comfortable walking away for weeks at a time. Not only are all of your valuables stored inside the residence, but you are responsible for all of the utility mishaps that can happen when you’re gone. For instance, having a tree damage your home, having a pipe burst in a frigid winter, or having a water leak that racks up a massive water bill. Recently, I had to go out of town so I decided to ask a good friend of mine to house-sit for some portion of my trip. I thought it would be a good idea if someone was there to monitor the energy expenditure and utilities rather than leaving the house completely empty. Well, now I am second-guessing that inclination. When I returned home, I received a massive energy bill in the mail. My house was in shambles, my thermostat program was completely different than I had left it, and the electrical company was barking down my neck for a huge payment. I asked my friend what had gone wrong in the household during my absence, and she replied that everything had been perfectly comfortable. She really loved my heating and cooling system and enjoyed the convenience of my smart thermostat, especially. When I checked the activity log on my smart thermostat, I realized exactly what had happened with my astronomical energy bill. My friend was lounging around the house all day, making minute changes to my air quality control plan and blasting the air conditioning system at full power. When I asked her to house-sit for me, I really thought I would save money on my utilities… Not pay for somebody to abuse my HVAC system.


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