Stalker HVAC technician

Whenever people say “what are the chances of that happening,”I have to laugh.

The chances are pretty good.

In my life, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And I’m not just being dramatic. The most simple tasks on the planet that everybody has to take care of routinely seem to be massive obstacles in my life. No matter what I’m trying to do, there’s going to be a lot of hiccups. I just have that kind of luck. Recently, this was the case when it came to my central heating and cooling system. The HVAC devices actually aren’t up-to-date. When I moved into this home, I knew that the forced air furnace and air conditioning unit were rather old. At the time, I didn’t think it would be a big deal to perform routine Heating and Cooling services on my air quality control system because there is a large HVAC supply dealership right down the road. I called out a heating and cooling technician for an inspection and diagnostic appointment shortly after moving in. Little did I know, I would immediately attract a stalker and make my life a lot more difficult. Why not. After our first appointment together, I started seeing the HVAC technician everywhere I went. It was funny and coincidental at first, until it wasn’t. The day that I looked outside and saw him working on my air conditioning unit unsolicited is the day that I called the HVAC shop and made a complaint. Now, I don’t have a heating and cooling provider that I can count on. Even worse, my old HVAC stalker continues to text me with reminders about my heating and cooling maintenance every few months. He can tell when my AC unit isn’t working right, based on the sounds it makes late at night.


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