Thermostat finally got used to our schedule, changing again

When it comes to thermostats, sometimes the smartest ones can be rather stupid to operate.

I know that smart thermostats are designed to automatically learn your personal habits and air temperature control preferences, but it seems to be way too difficult to convince them that your schedule has changed.

About a year ago I had a smart thermostat installed in my house for the first time. I was extremely happy with the modern air temperature control device and wished that I had upgraded my thermostat years earlier. I noticed that my energy efficiency had vastly improved and my indoor comfort had too. Plus, I love that the thermostat automatically adjusted my heating and cooling system every day according to my normal work schedule. I never had to remember to turn down the cooling system before spending a day at the office. The problem is, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck I began working from home full-time. This completely confused my thermostat and upset my HVAC temperature control plan entirely. For weeks, my smart thermostat continued to automatically adjust the indoor air temperature, no matter how many times I manually corrected it. The thermostat was constantly sending me notifications that there were adjustments being made to my indoor air quality control, and I couldn’t disable them. It felt like my thermostat had decided that my indoor air temperature settings were permanent and I was the one who needed to adjust. Finally, the air temperature control device seemed to have realized that things had changed. Now, I’m unhappy to report that I have to go back to working in the office full time so my HVAC needs have changed once more… I can’t wait to get these harassing messages from my smart thermostat again.


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