Working is impossible around this human

I think a lot of us have been extremely challenged for the past several months.

This year has really been a doozy, and we’re only halfway through it.

It seems like life is changing every few weeks and it’s enough to make someone’s head spin. Plus, I don’t think that humans are well adapted to staying indoors all the time away from their social contacts. I have to say, I wouldn’t have a big problem with this quarantined living… If I could actually live by myself. The problem is trying to work from home while a bored and neurotic human shuffles around in the background. Living with my roommate has always been challenging. He likes to be handy, and sometimes that gets in the way of our appliances and utility bills. For instance, when he attempts to hypercharge the hot water heater and instead manages to rack up an enormous energy bill on top of our water bill. Well, recently during the pandemic his big focus has been heating and cooling devices. He is not an HVAC technician in any sense of the word, but he wants to be air quality equipment educated. That’s why, he is constantly fiddling with the thermostat, cooling system, and ductwork these days. I’m sitting in my home office desperately trying to focus on work while he turns the HVAC system on and off, and bangs on the air handling control devices. Every few moments he’s calling out for help by screaming through the air ducts at me. I’m trying not to lose my patience, but I’m worried about our energy bill and heating and cooling equipment… not to mention my job security since I can’t get any of my work done.


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