Surprised from my HVAC bill

I have a summer job, which means that during wintertime, I am free to do other things that keep me busy to cover up the downtime.

I usually spend the cold seasons with my mom and siblings.

Since I moved out, I like spending that time at my locale, despite the protest from my mom. So last winter, I invited my family to my home, Mom noted that I had no work, so it would be a burden on me. Instead, she promised to chip in on food. My surprise came from my HVAC bill. According to HomeAdvisor, Americans spend about $1,500 per year on heating and cooling. I was not about to add to the statistics, so once wintertime was over, I planned to save on the air conditioner and arranged for air conditioner service. So first, I hired an HVAC contractor from a mobile HVAC company in the city to inspect my furnace and perform any necessary furnace service. I also checked for cracks, felt drafts around the home that might need heating system repair, and the contractor also told me to lower the temperature control setting or program it to respond to my air conditioner needs automatically! One last check was on the vents to ensure that there is no blockage to allow free air circulation, however with these adjustments, I was sure to save on unnecessary common air conditioner repair costs. Still, lastly, I had to check in with my HVAC provider to see if I can get a review of “budget billing” so that I could pay for my daily bill.


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