It’s not the best marriage asset

Every single year, our husband and I end up fighting all the time about the temperature settings on the temperature control unit in our house.

I know it sounds dumb, but it’s actually annoying, and it’s 1 of the only things that both of us ever get into a confrontation about.

Most people experience confrontation about money and things care about that, but nope, not us. Both of us only have confrontations about how low the a/c settings are. He really likes to keep the air conditioning system set actually low because I know that he is sizzling all the time. Even in the middle of Winter season, he often ends up covered in sweat occasionally and it drives me crazy. That’s mostly because I am way more cold natured than he is. He can’t even stand the way I’m constantly freezing because I constantly want to go over and turn the air conditioning system up from where he has it set. He truly likes to have the temperature control set at around 66 degrees but that is way too freaking cold for me. I can’t stand it when the temperature is less than seventy five degrees in the house. I actually put on a heavy sweater and our fuzzy slippers most of the time in the middle of the summertime because it’s too cold in our apartment each day for me to even stand it! I actually wish that both of us could come finally to an agreement on the temperature control settings and it would potentially make a difference in our relationship. I’m sure that it would make a crucial difference in the costs for our cooling bills in the summertime too.

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