Not the smartest idea, it turns out

My fiance and I put off getting our a/c plan fully ready for the summertime and both of us are actually paying for it dearly now. Both of us usually try and get things done on time, but for some reason, I can tell you that this year both of us just procrastinated for too long. Both of us easily should have had our central a/c plan looked at by our usual Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier early on in the season, but life just got to be too busy and chaotic… and both of us forgot to call for an appointment. Now, the weather in our area has actually been heating up and we’ve been trying to use our a/c every single blazing hot afternoon. However, the air conditioning system is not cooperating with us whatsoever! The first afternoon both of us even tried to turn it on, it started to make a super bizarre clunking noise and the air coming out of the air vents never even got much cooler than lukewarm for the entire night. That’s when both of us realized for the first time that both of us had never gotten the air conditioning system tuned up and of course the both of us were going to have a problem. Well, I called our nearest local Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier the next morning, but by that point they definitely were all booked up for air conditioning system routine tune up and service appointments. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C worker that I happened to have spoken with told me that there would be a wait of at least 2 and a half weeks at that point before they could get to us and service our a/c. I generally suppose that’s what both of us get for putting things off that both of us should have just done earlier in the season.

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