Exactly what does the warranty cover?

When we bought our portable air conditioner for the garage, we thought we bought a really good unit.

My husband had researched all of the reviews and he got all of the information on the air conditioner.

I didn’t want to pay a huge price for an air conditioner only to have it break in the first couple days. He was so impressed with the reviews and performance ratings, that he not only bought the air conditioner, but he paid for the two-year extended warranty. Over the next six months, that air conditioning worked perfectly for him. He had all of his business papers and tools in the garage. He often worked in the garage because it was so much quieter than in the house. With three kids and two dogs, the inner sanctum could get very hectic. My husband was an accountant and he needed quiet. When spring arrived again, he went out to check on the air conditioner. He realized that the hose that allowed the condensation to drip outside was leaking, he was going to buy a new hose. He read this was the AC unit’s only issue. We called the company to order a new hose and asked if someone could install it. The company told us they didn’t have a repairman in our area. If we wanted to have it repaired, we would have to send the AC unit back to the manufacturer. He wanted to just take the AC unit to where we bought it and they said they had no authority to repair or exchange, and he would still need to send it back. When they told him the return was at our expense, I thought he was going to have a stroke.


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