Germs weren’t affected by the changing seasons.

The UV light will destroy most everything that is missed

I guess I was just wishful thinking when I believed that the coronavirus pandemic would end when the weather got colder. I should have realized that when the cold and flu season started, the Covid virus would also just intensify again. It was the heat that killed most flu and viruses. I don’t know if the heat even kills them. It is just that people are getting out of their homes more and getting fresh air. The other viruses and bacterias don’t spread as easily as the Covid virus. I have done my best to keep the virus at bay in my family. I had the HVAC system cleaned and we had the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. No one goes out of the house without first donning a mask. If someone comes to visit, they wear their mask and we put ours on. We also sanitize everything they touch when they leave. My husband and I are both retired and know that our health isn’t the best in the world, so we even put in more measures to help keep us safe. I called the HVAC company and had them install a whole home air purification system. There is a UV light to go with the air purifier. The air filters themselves are able to attract and destroy up to 99.97% of all viruses and bacteria. The UV light will destroy most everything that is missed. We have the air filter to help catch dirt, dust, and all other floating particles that are in the air. Although some of our family thinks we are paranoid, we feel we are just assuring that when the pandemic ends, we are still around to enjoy life.
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