I refused to pay that price.

He said he could start the work within the month.

I don’t like paying full price when I am making a purchase. When it is a large box item, I try even harder to find a sale. If I know I have time before I need to make the replacement, I take my time. That’s what I did when I bought my new HVAC system. I had the HVAC company send a technician to my home to do my normal AC inspections. After only ten minutes, he told me there were some pretty big repairs that had to be done. He started on the estimate, and I just looked at him. I made the comment that I should just replace the AC unit and he agreed. My furnace was even older than the AC unit, so I asked if it would be cheaper to buy the two as a set or to buy them separately. He said he could give us a really good deal. He went out to his service van and he picked out some flyers and he brought in some paperwork. He quickly pointed out all of the sales they would have coming up in the next couple months. He did a few measurements and within half an hour, we had an estimate. He said he could start the work within the month. I wanted to wait for the big sale, even though I knew we may need the air conditioning unit sooner. He wanted us to make sure the ductwork was cleaned and sanitized. He also told us that if we waited for another month, they were going to have a special where we could purchase the HVAC system, an air purifier, and receive free installation. I can handle paying that price.

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