I was considering HEPA air filters.

When the HvAC tech arrived, he made me glad I called

When this pandemic started, I was scaredI didn’t want to go out and do anything. I was almost afraid to go out with my mask on. Then I heard people saying that if you went outside, you should not just wear your mask, but you should social distance. Some people were going home, taking their clothing off before going into the house, and they took a shower before talking to their family. I knew that I had to find a way to keep my house cleaner. I was looking into putting HEPA air filters into my HVAC system. I was torn over the decision because I knew how much they cost. I also knew they could remove 99.97% of all germs, pollutants, and other bacteria and mold from the air. HEPA air filters were used in hospitals and other areas that needed to have clean air. I finally called the HvAC company and asked them to come over and let me know if I could have the HEPA air filters in the HVAC unit. My husband was just going to purchase the air filters, but I had read you can damage your HVAC system if it isn’t meant to have HEPA air filters installed. When the HvAC tech arrived, he made me glad I called. He told me my HVAC system didn’t have room inside for the HEPA> He did suggest another type of air filter that only removed up to 99.7% of the pollutants, but it was still good. My husband agreed to go with the different air filters.