Something has to work on these allergies.

It seems that ever since my wife and I moved into the new house, our allergies are so overboard that we feel like we are getting the flu.

With flu season coming up, it is hard to tell what the problem is.

I just know that we need to find out why our allergies are so bad and how we can correct it. I called the HVAC company to the house and asked if there was something wrong with the HVAC system? The first thing he did was ask if we would authorize him to get someone to come in and clean and sanitize the ductwork and air vents. He said there was nothing on their records that showed it had ever been done. I already knew the old owners of the house had used this HVAC company, so I went ahead and authorize the ductwork cleaning. He then did a good inspection of both the air conditioning and furnace. He changed out the air filters. He suggested we purchase an air filter that was made just for people who were smokers/or pet owners. It was made to attract more of the pollutants that came from the smoke, and it attracted the pet hair and dander. I also agreed to that. Then he asked if we would be interested in an air filtration system. This basically an air purifier. We could get a separate air purifier, or one that was called a whole home air purifications. This was an air purifier that worked in tandem with the heating and air conditioning. My wife tapped my arm and told me that was what she was talking about. She authorized this one.


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