The air filtration company finally came through.

A HEPA air filter is made to remove more pollutants from the air.

My dad was possibly one of the best dads ever. He always did things that were going to help me in the future. Even though I didn understand the weird gifts when I was younger, now I do. I remember thinking that dad had given me something odd when I graduated high school. He gave me stocks to an air filtration company. I had never heard of air filtration or HEPA. I thanked him, even if it was only half-heartedly. Then when I graduated from college, dad gave me more stocks. He gave me a total of 100 stocks for the air filtration company. Now that I was older, I was watching the stock market to see what my stocks were worth, and if they were growing. My air filtration stocks were only going for $0.68 per stock. I kind of chuckled and stuck them in the back of the filing cabinet. Fifteen years later, the pandemic hit. My little stock had already been slowly growing over the years, but now it had doubled over the six months. I looked up HEPA air filters to see what they were? I couldn’t believe they had been around for over sixty years. A HEPA air filter is made to remove more pollutants from the air. Their main usage was for hospitals, pharmacies, and anywhere it was essential to have basically dust-free and bacteria-free air. I shook my head, and told dad thank you. I thought about how I was thinking about selling the air filtration stock when it first took off.. He really was a mind ahead of itself.

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