We wanted a modern fireplace

The fireplace is the perfect way to heat a space on a particularly cold Winter afternoon.

Unluckily, not all homes can accommodate a fireplace installed! You may not have enough room or you may live in a different area of the country where a fireplace is simply unnecessary.

You may purchase a brand new home without these accommodations and later realize that a fireplace truly seems like a wonderful idea. No matter what happens, I believe an electric fireplace can be a functional and affordable solution that can add tons of value and appeal to any space. Electric fireplaces come in numerous odd shapes and sizes these days. They can be sited in the middle of a room or in the smallest corner of a tiny space. They can be free sitting or mounted next to a wall. Electric fireplaces actually usually have a way to control the amount of heat and hot air. Some modern electric fireplaces come with LED backlighting. My wifey and I moved into a lakehouse that did not have a fireplace when we first got there; During the winter, I constantly felt cold and chili. My wifey kindly suggested buying a space heater. When both of us started looking online, I quickly realized that both of us could buy an electric fireplace that would function properly as a space heating system but still look sleek and contemporary. We actually spent a bit more cash then I would on a traditional space heater, but the grand old electric fireplace turned our residing room into a cozy Winter wonderland. It will take more than one strong woman to easily transfer it, but I want one wherever both of us go.

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