We wanted to find the magic, but we found the filth.

My wife and I had been married for twenty years. After twenty years and three kids, our life had become very lackluster. Every day was the same and we no longer felt the magic. We thought that if we went back in time to when we fell in love, we could rekindle the magic. It was our anniversary and I wanted to make it special. I called the small hotel that was near our town and I made a reservation. When I told my wife, she was excited. That Friday night, we headed to the hotel. We should have known how bad it was when we were handed an actual key and the guy asked us if we were going to be there longer than an hour. The room was hot and stuffy and the thermostat didn’t turn the air conditioning unit on. The bed was dirty and we sat there and began to laugh. It had nothing to do with the room, but us. We enjoyed the getaways to the room because we wanted to be together with no one else to bother us. We left the stuffy room and got into our car. We drove home and sat outside in the car. The air conditioning was on as we sat there and talked until the sun came up. We got the magic back into our love and I couldn’t have enjoyed the evening more. The AC made it comfortable, but being alone where neither of us could move away, was the magic. It was the best anniversary we have ever had.

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