Endless possibilities at the local gym

I like being active and have maintained an active lifestyle to some degree my entire adult life.

  • While I haven’t actively sought gym membership until recently, taking care of myself has been somewhat of a priority.

But, as my life gets busier and busier, I find that I have less time to actively motivate or remind myself to get out the and do something physical. So when a dear friend invited me to go to her gym, I decided that now might be the right time. Calling this place a gym was a bit of a misnomer given the breadth of personal fitness programs. Really, I think the place is more of a health and wellness center. Sure, you can still go in there and do the weight lifting that many of us associate with a gym. However, there are far more activities and interests at this certified gym than I would have ever believed. In fact, on that first visit with my friend, I never even did any sort of workout method. Nope, I spent the hour while my friend did her cross fit classes just speaking with certified fitness experts. They showed me, in depth, all the things I could get into by starting a gym membership. The place was chock full of so many options. I was particularly eager to find out about the yoga classes. The health and fitness center actually had a separate yoga studio inside th facility. It was so serene and I felt a new perspective possibility as soon as I walked in there. Finally, I got to spend some time learning about all the nutritional counseling they provided. It was an awesome experience. I went home and talked with my husband about it. Later that same week we both committed to gym memberships and couldn’t be happier.