Getting carried away with my workouts

I often get carried away with the demands and duration of my workouts.

I consider fitness a priority in my life and never skip my daily exercise regiment.

Normally, I start my morning with a sixty minute workout. I usually perform all of the exercises to excess. I really enjoy lifting free weights. For a while, I was striving to lift heavier and heavier weights. I got into feeling the burn and tremble in my muscles when I was pushing them. As a woman, I’d prefer not to end up looking like a heavyweight boxer. I’ve had to make some changes to the workout. I now stick to lifting nothing heavier than an 8 pound hand weight. I have targeted high repetition lifts with lighter weights. I have added in sets of lunges while supporting nothing heavier than 6 pound weights. I perform high impact aerobics while holding just 2 pound weights. This change has resulted in toned muscles without bulk. I had a time where I got devoted to running. I was running for ten miles 6 mornings per week. I started to build up larger thigh muscles and I wasn’t happy with it. I also created a bunch of issues with my knees, ankles and feet. I’ve done enough push ups that I could no longer lift my arms. I’ve squatted until I was in so much pain I had trouble getting up the stairs. For the most part, I try to alter the target muscles of my workouts plus and never abuse a single muscle two days in a row. I try to avoid high impact aerobics every day and give my joints a day of rest. I only allow myself to lift weights a couple times each week.

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