Getting into cross fit

Health and fitness is something relatively new to me. While I have always been an active person, I haven’t exactly taken the best care of myself. My diet and exercise were spotty at best. It was as though the obligations I had in my life came before my health and wellness. Fortunately, my husband got me into going to the local gym. He had joined as the doctor told him he needed to actively change is lifestyle. Once he got into a workout program, his life began to change. And, I don’t mean just his fitness level. I began to notice that he handled stress better, had more energy and was just well, happier. This made an impression on me so, I went with him one time. I was overwhelmed by all the aspects that made up today’s health and fitness centers. It was amazing really. I started out by doing some group physical fitness programs. This was great because they were all full of beginners just like me. From there, I progressed to the yoga classes and other workout programs. Before long, I was into personal physical training and nutritional counseling. All of this has prepared me for my latest fitness challenge. I am starting cross fit this week. While I’m not going to a cross fit gym, I have enrolled in a cross fit program at my local gym. I’m really excited to see if I can match the challenge that cross fit will present. My personal trainer assures me that I am ready for that sort of challenge so, I’m really excited to see what happens!



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