Gym is much more that weight lifting

I might be betraying my age a bit but, today’s gym is not at all what I remember.

Being an athletic girl in junior high and high school, I got into being good at something.

This made me want to hit a ball further or run faster or any other thing that would give me an edge. Back then, there was a school gym but it was always full of sweaty football players weight lifting. It was not an environment for a young woman to work toward fitness goals. In fact, I didn’t even want to be in there. So my dad and I looked for some other alternatives. In that day, the women’s only gym membership was just getting off the ground. I toured it but wasn’t really interested in a gym membership as it was less personal fitness programs and more circuit type training. That led dad and I to creating a sort of home gym and that worked out okay. As I got to be an adult, health and fitness definitely took a backseat to life. There was a career and then babies. It didn’t leave much time for getting to any sort of local gym. Nearly 2 decades went by before I felt the urge to really get back to health and wellness. When I walked into a local health and fitness center, I was stunned at the evolution of the local gym. My new gym is full of opportunities to meet and exceed personal training goals. I’m so happy to have a gym membership now as it is adding so much to my life.
Gym transformations