Need the most from my gym

To say that I am into fitness would be akin to saying that I am also into breathing.

Wellness and fitness are probably one of the fundamental components of my make up as a person.

Honestly, I find personal fitness programs to be the hub of the wheel in my life. I started out as a kid being involved in all sorts of sports. I think this had everything to do with my parents attempting to just keep me busy. As a child, I was quite hyperactive. My parents were always just trying to wear me out so I would slow down or even go to sleep. All that focus on being physically fit really imprinted on me and only expanded as I got older. Once I found the gym in my late teens. I was hooked completely. All I wanted to do was participate in personal physical training. So much so, that I studied nutritional counseling as a minor while I was in college. But now, I am in a bit of a fix. Having found the perfect health and fitness center with all the workout programs that I adore, I am having to move. My company is transferring me to a place that is fairly remote. Knowing how important health and wellness is to me, the company offered to increase my corporate wellness programs. This is nice. I’m just not sure that I will be able to find the sort of local gym that will allow for me to continue to utilize the workout programs and certified fitness experts I have here. Hopefully, I will be able to find a certified gym in my new location.