New best friends at the gym

Two things that I have never really felt comfortable with are now issues I am embracing.

And, it’s all because of the gym.

It’s hard to believe like something as simple as a gym membership could help with lifelong challenges. It all started when my doctor pointed out that I really needed to consider my health and wellness far more seriously. I was easing into my forties and was feeling as though I was in my sixties. This was concerning for me as well as my doctor. After a heart to heart conversation, he suggested that I go to a health and fitness center. He told me not to take on to much or jump in a workout program that was over my head. Instead, he suggested I just speak with certified fitness experts and just look around at what might interest me. This seemed like an excellent idea and I did just that. To be honest, it was really a bit intimidating to walk in the front door of a gym in the physical state I was in. Frankly, I was just embarrassed. Yet, I screwed up the courage to do it and man am I ever thankful that I did. The people at the health and fitness center were ever so welcoming and happy for me to be there. They made me feel welcome and safe. I found a beginner yoga class that I was encouraged to join so, I did. Now, I am feeling more fit than I ever have as I progress in my health and fitness goals. But the the part I wasn’t expecting was getting over my social fears. The gym is now home to a group of the best friends I have ever had.

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