New mission is for health and wellness

I used to scoff at terms like body wellness center.

That sounded like a pretentious name for a gym.

Come to find out, I could not have been more totally wrong about that. But then again, my life and perspective has completely changed due to a body wellness center. For years, I have been sliding into a health and wellness funk. When I was younger, I stayed pretty fit by playing sports and doing fun outdoor activities. But as I got older, it became tougher for me to maintain those high intensity activities. That’s when the slide to pudgy out of shape man started. And, it kept going. Finally, after years of pestering from my wife, I looked into considering some physical fitness programs. But, my mental version of the gym was so outdated. I thought I would be entering a world of muscle heads and the like. As soon as I walked through the door at the health and fitness center near me, I knew right away that I was in the right place. They had a yoga studio, cross fit, nutritional programs, a sauna and all sorts of other things dedicated to wellness and fitness. It was easy to find things that interested me and those interests were what would keep me going. I also consulted with certified fitness experts who helped guide me along my new health focused mission. The group fitness training classes were a great place to start. They had beginners in it like me so I had peers who could relate to where I was in my health and wellness journey. I’m so thankful that I am now addressing my health and wellness. And, I feel better than I ever have.

Semi-private fitness training