Personal trainer changed my life

It was way overdue and borderline too late.

My way to a gym membership may have actually saved my life.

We all know the effects of too much work and seeking release and reward in our appetites. That was my life full time for far too long. I worked too hard at my career without any sort of workout program. Health and wellness was for other people. It certainly had nothing to do with me. I got a sweat going a couple times a month on the squash court or the golf course and that was more than enough for me. Meanwhile, I worked 80 hours a week in a high stress position because I was both passionate about my job and I loved what the money could buy me. That was because I loved indulging all of my appetites like rich food, good whiskey and fine cigars. But, that all finally caught up with me when I passed out at my desk one day. The doctor had been after me to change my ways and get some health plans. Of course, I blew him off. This time, the doctor wasn’t just asking. My health was at a serious crossroads. Finally, I took my health and wellness seriously and joined my local gym. There I found a personal trainer who would effectively change my enter life. This person got me involved in nutritional programs. He is a certified fitness expert who knew just how to help me change my life with his inspired fitness coaching. I am forever grateful to my personal trainer and might not be here today without him.

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