I have a boyfriend and that makes the guys feel weird

I decided to attend technical school for HVAC repair. I knew it would be a very tough road, because HVAC repair is hard work and physically demanding. I needed to find a career and I knew college was out of the question. I barely managed a “C” average in school and I didn’t want to spend more time writing essays and papers. A technical career seemed like the right path for me. I thought about learning plumbing, but the HVAC course had several open slots for the next semester and that made my decision a lot easier. I studied hard for eight months and I passed the certification test at the end. I started working for a small family owned HVAC repair shop. I knew some things would be difficult when I started working for the small HVAC repair shop. First, the shop is in the same small town where I live. Second, the guys are all friendly. The place is like a family, so I wasn’t surprised when they started to ask about my personal life. This presented me with the toughest decision of my life. I hate hiding who I am and I didn’t want to lie, so I told my coworkers that I have a boyfriend. A gay HVAC repairman is uncommon in this small area, but I didn’t want the guys to find out some other way. Some people seem totally weirded out by the fact, but most of my coworkers don’t care about my sexual orientation. They just want someone that can do the job and work hard.

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