I’m not thrilled about our personal days changing on us

I have been an employee with the same commercial Heating & Air Conditioning equipment upgrade dealer for about 10 years.

I honestly stayed with the dealer for so long because of the benefits and paid time off.

When I was hired about 10 years ago, I had a week of paid vacation and 10 personal days. After many years, I had two weeks of paid vacation. Last year I passed that 10-year mark and now I have more than two weeks of paid vacation and 10 personal days… I’m not very happy that the new personal day policy will make it harder to use my personal days. The up-to-date policy states that all personal days must be scheduled in advance. We used to be able to wake up in the morning and take a personal day if we wished. If I was feeling awful, I could take a personal day. If I was sick to my stomach or had a sore throat, I could take a personal day. The most wonderful part about the personal days was being able to take them whenever you needed or wanted. Now all of that is totally changing because the up-to-date manager wants things to be easily different. The guy has been changing a ton of our rules and regulations. Now the bunch of us will have to request a personal day the week before and the day has to be approved by management. If the manager thinks we will be too busy, he can honestly deny the request. I’m absolutely not too pleased about the up-to-date rules and I guess it might be time to start looking for an up-to-date Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade and repair task.

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