The old ductwork hid some buried treasures and secrets

My grandpa passed away in the last year and the people I was with in addition to myself cleaned out the whole place so our parents would not have to deal with the pain.

My mom in addition to many of her siblings actually had quite a rough time getting things taken care of and we wanted to do anything that the people I was with in addition to myself could do to help out in the situation.

The people I was with in addition to myself had a pretty good time while we were discussing outdated times in addition to laughing about the memories that we share with our grandfather in addition to our grandmother. Since everyone was gone, the house easily felt cool for everyone to be comfortable. My cousin’s in addition to myself talked about the times when our Grandpop regularly turned the thermostat up very high. No one could even be inside of the cabin for more than several minutes at one time. I hardly remember an occasion when all of us were there for Christmas in addition to the air conditioner and the heat would always be a mess. Not many people would even consider cleaning this type of place, but it was something that we had a lot of fun doing. At one point, the people I was with in an addition to my cell found some things inside of the bottom of the air vents by the ductwork. Grandpop had left some things inside the ductwork in addition to it seems to be an important clue to a puzzle or a map.

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