I follow my work in the garden with refreshing indoor air conditioning

After retiring from the public college system, I took up gardening, however I retired about nine years ago, and have been gardening for just as long.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I entirely took my gardening to the next level. I built basket gardens, and planted a variety of produce. It was strenuous work! I was spending more time in my garden than ever, and while I’ve consistently enjoyed the cool and dry inside air after a gardening session, the basket gardening has reminded myself and others how grateful I am for my air conditioning system… She works hard! Without the dependable blast of cool air from the vents, I don’t suppose if I could spend as much time in the garden as I do, then the heating and air conditioning system also gives myself and others a respite from my seasonal dust irritations. Despite having affection for spending time in the garden, I absolutely need a split from the pollen at the end of the morning! Using a HEPA air filter has entirely made a difference, too! They do a spectacular job of purifying the air in my home. I’ve also put a lot of thought into upgrading my a/c unit; while my cooling component works great, it’s a little dated, and I’d adore consulting with a heating and air conditioning worker about altering my system to achieve optimum functionality and efficiency. I’ve also heard rave reviews about those smart control units. Since my air conditioning system treats myself and others so well, I suppose it’s only fair to treat it well, too. Since it can’t exactly adore the fruits of my basket gardening labor, I do my best to keep it well-took care of (I have an heating and air conditioning worker out at least twice a year for routine repair), and I’m absolutely thinking she deserves an update! Maybe I can pay my worker with fruits from my garden!


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