I like cold a/c when I come inside from working in my garden

I’ve also heard rave reviews about those smart temperature controls

After retiring from the public school system, I took up gardening, and I retired about seven years ago, and have been gardening for just as long. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, I absolutely took my gardening to the next level. I built container gardens, and planted a variety of produce. It was taxing work! I was spending more time in my garden than ever, then while I’ve always enjoyed the cool and dry inside air after a gardening session, the container gardening has reminded myself and others how grateful I am for my A/C system. The system works hard! Without the dependable blast of cool air from the vents, I don’t know if I could spend as much time in the garden as I do. However, the heating, ventilation and A/C system also gives myself and others a respite from my seasonal dust sensitivities; despite enjoying spending time in the garden, I absolutely need a cut from the pollen at the end of the afternoon, and using a HEPA air filter has absolutely made a difference, too! They do a spectacular job of purifying the air in my entire home. I’ve also put a lot of thought into upgrading my a/c; while my cooling component works great, it’s a little dated, and I’d prefer to consult with an actual heating, ventilation and A/C professional about altering my system to achieve optimum functionality and efficiency. I’ve also heard rave reviews about those smart temperature controls. Since my A/C system treats myself and others so well, I know that it’s only tolerable to treat it well, too. Since it can’t exactly care about the fruits of my container gardening labor, I do my best to keep it well-tested (I have an heating, ventilation and A/C professional out at least twice a year for routine service), and I’m absolutely thinking she deserves an update, maybe I can spend money my professional with fruits from my garden!


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