I guess money changed my uncle

My uncle has been insanely rich ever since he struck oil on his property so long ago.

My father was always somewhat bitter about his brother because he said how the money changed him.

I never really understood the grudge my father had towards his brother, but my uncle never gave me a hard time about everything. Actually, going to his multi-million dollar home was always an experience. It felt something like going to an amusement park as he has a rollercoaster in his backyard along with a lazy river that goes around his huge swimming pool. He even has a wave pool, and that’s the most pleasant time ever! The really cool thing about the lazy river is the fact that it goes through a big tunnel that has really cool lighting. There is a bar there, but obviously us kids were never allowed to drink, but they always had fruit juice and soda! The other amazing thing is how that area stays at the right temperature. It stays really cool in the summer and it even stays going in the winter. I remember asking my uncle about the heating system for the lazy river and the swimming pools, and he told me about it all and how it was expensive to have everything installed just how he wanted it. Well, he did a great job, but I wish that my father would have come over to visit more over the years. My father always said if our uncle wanted to see us, he could always come over to our home to visit. I guess my father is right in a way because our uncle never would visit. I always figured he was too busy, but maybe he feels our home isn’t good enough or something like that. We don’t have all the fancy stuff, but at least we have a nice climate control system with air purification.

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