Saved a lot of cash by installing my own ductless mini split

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not rich by any means.

  • I don’t have a huge amount of money in savings, but I do budget carefully and stay on top of the finances.

It was pretty crazy when my wife and I sold our last house and moved to a big country home. We knew that we could make this work because I work from home. If I didn’t have the remote work, we honestly wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without enough collateral. We were able to sell our old home for a good amount of money and so we suddenly had a lot more in savings. We considered what important things we had to do with our new home, and of course the first thing I thought of was the cooling system. We bought our home right before the winter season, so we had time to consider what kind of cooling system we would go for. The heating system is actually a boiler and it works beautifully. We had it tested before we used it through one of the local HVAC companies, and everything was looking good. Well, when we finally made it through the winter, the clock was really ticking. I had an HVAC professional quote us on a few different cooling system installations. The one I was interested in the most was the ductless mini split. I thought the energy savings sounded amazing and the fact that we could also use it to heat in the winter, sounded great. Well, I wasn’t too happy when I saw the price it would cost to have it installed. I ended up looking into the DIY ductless mini split models, and I decided to go for it after watching installation videos. It was way easier than I could have imagined and I saved us a huge amount of money!

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