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Getting into cross fit

Health and fitness is something relatively new to me. While I have always been an active person, I haven’t exactly taken the best care of myself. My diet and exercise were spotty at best. It was as though the obligations I had in my life came before my health and wellness. Fortunately, my husband got […]

Workout program transforms perspective

I find that I often get so much tunnel vision when it comes to leading my life. It’s so easy for me to get mired in all the details that we all have to deal with. That leads to me getting bummed out which leads to further distress. Until lately, I didn’t realize how much […]

Gym is much more that weight lifting

I might be betraying my age a bit but, today’s gym is not at all what I remember. Being an athletic girl in junior high and high school, I got into being good at something. This made me want to hit a ball further or run faster or any other thing that would give me […]

Personal trainer changed my life

It was way overdue and borderline too late. My way to a gym membership may have actually saved my life. We all know the effects of too much work and seeking release and reward in our appetites. That was my life full time for far too long. I worked too hard at my career without […]

Endless possibilities at the local gym

I like being active and have maintained an active lifestyle to some degree my entire adult life. While I haven’t actively sought gym membership until recently, taking care of myself has been somewhat of a priority. But, as my life gets busier and busier, I find that I have less time to actively motivate or […]

Need the most from my gym

To say that I am into fitness would be akin to saying that I am also into breathing. Wellness and fitness are probably one of the fundamental components of my make up as a person. Honestly, I find personal fitness programs to be the hub of the wheel in my life. I started out as […]

New mission is for health and wellness

I used to scoff at terms like body wellness center. That sounded like a pretentious name for a gym. Come to find out, I could not have been more totally wrong about that. But then again, my life and perspective has completely changed due to a body wellness center. For years, I have been sliding […]

New best friends at the gym

Two things that I have never really felt comfortable with are now issues I am embracing. And, it’s all because of the gym. It’s hard to believe like something as simple as a gym membership could help with lifelong challenges. It all started when my doctor pointed out that I really needed to consider my […]

Getting carried away with my workouts

I often get carried away with the demands and duration of my workouts. I consider fitness a priority in my life and never skip my daily exercise regiment. Normally, I start my morning with a sixty minute workout. I usually perform all of the exercises to excess. I really enjoy lifting free weights. For a […]