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We wanted a modern fireplace

The fireplace is the perfect way to heat a space on a particularly cold Winter afternoon. Unluckily, not all homes can accommodate a fireplace installed! You may not have enough room or you may live in a different area of the country where a fireplace is simply unnecessary. You may purchase a brand new home […]

I want to go fishing.

I have been working a lot of weekends because people want to make sure their HVAC systems and air purifier are working perfectly I love my job and I wouldn’t want to do any other job. I have had a good time being an HVAC technician. If it wasn’t for my job, I couldn’t afford […]

Exactly what does the warranty cover?

When we bought our portable air conditioner for the garage, we thought we bought a really good unit. My husband had researched all of the reviews and he got all of the information on the air conditioner. I didn’t want to pay a huge price for an air conditioner only to have it break in […]

I am empathetic with my neighbor.

I know exactly how my neighbor feels when it comes to needing constant repair to my HVAC system. Mine wasn’t the air conditioning unit, but the furnace. It seemed like every time I looked over at her house, there was an HVAC service van in the driveway. At first I thought it may be someone […]

I refused to pay that price.

He said he could start the work within the month. I don’t like paying full price when I am making a purchase. When it is a large box item, I try even harder to find a sale. If I know I have time before I need to make the replacement, I take my time. That’s […]

I was considering HEPA air filters.

When the HvAC tech arrived, he made me glad I called When this pandemic started, I was scaredI didn’t want to go out and do anything. I was almost afraid to go out with my mask on. Then I heard people saying that if you went outside, you should not just wear your mask, but […]