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Diet gone wrong thanks to virus

Originally, I had been doing so well, for months now, I have been playing to lose weight, plus a single month ago, I had finally started making progress towards that goal, and i started enjoying my diet actually carefully, plus I started exercising at least 5 times a month for an hour each. I weighed […]

Running through the ribbon

All people are welcome to run the race, plus I even bought a red ribbon for the winner to run through plus a gold trophy I have converted the area surrounding our property into a race. I live on a farm that has a total of 20 acres surrounding it. I have converted 15 of […]

Maintaining indoor air control

I have kind of a bizarre activity. I entirely love achieving what I consider the perfect temperature in our home. I will sit in front of the control equipment plus play with the temperatures until I find a setting that appeases me. Because of this, our bills can be a bit bizarre sometimes, however I […]

Zoned HVAC in the apartment

I recently upgraded our heating and cooling plan to include zoned control. A series of valves were installed into the HVAC duct to regulate the airflow to each room. With control units mounted into the rooms, the two of us have independent control over temperature settings. While this apartment improvement was fairly lavish, it has […]

AC in the school

I live in a small city that is largely a farming community, and just recently, there has been a really controversial debate over whether or not to install air conditioning into our schools, but the people I was with and I are situated in the northeastern area of the country, along a single of the […]

Fixing up the house HVAC

I recently replaced our heating as well as cooling idea to include zoned control, a series of valves were installed into the ductwork to regulate the airflow to each room. With temperature controls mounted into the rooms, all of us have independent control over temperature settings. While this beach lake house improvement was fairly lavish, […]

Every one of us got lucky.

My sibling & I decided to take a trip to a very freezing climate for some fun mountain climbing & hiking. Every one of us left early one day & headed for the mountains. The temperature was a little below zero during the day so the two of us made sure to pack lots of […]

All about hydronic heating as well as cooling.

Ever wonder what hydronic heating is? Probably not, but if you do, this article will explain in basic words how hydronic heating works, what it can be used for as well as our personal experience with it . Hydronic heating is a heating system that uses water as well as pipes to heat basically anything […]

Be careful with boilers!

My family has had quite a few experiences with hydronic heating systems. In the first home that I can remember living in, all of us had a big boiler in an upstairs closet. I remember a single afternoon when my parents were outside doing shrubbery work plus I was inside playing with my toys, I […]