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HVAC Tech Gets Cookies

I realize that it’s a proper business goal of any company to brainwash their clients into only believing in their goods or services. It saves them money in addition to keeps you coming back to continue to buy. But, that being said, I am in appreciate with one repair provider in my area in addition […]

Fewer HVAC Service Calls Needed

I’m so sick of kneeling around here, waiting for a professional to show up way after our appointment was supposed to happen. I’m particularly sick of hiring supposed experts in addition to being saddened by the results from their severely extravagant repair in addition to repair service calls. And heating, cooling, in addition to ventilation […]

Vacation Needs Better AC

Please, just let me go the distance to my heart’s content, however it’s something I’ve always asked of the country, however rarely get the opportunity. I want to see everything I can in this lifetime in addition to I want to do it now. I try to travel as often as possible, and I usually […]

She is weird about everything being clean

My mother in law is coming to visit soon and I am not prepared. She is really particular about cleanliness. She cleans her own house everyday and sanitizes the surfaces. She has the best quality vacuum and the whole home smells of bleach. I don’t have a dirty house, but you can’t eat off my […]

Should have gotten heated flooring

When my boyfriend and I bought our house we decided to rip up the floors. We removed the ugly brown rug and instead did grey tile floors. I mentioned to my boyfriend that it would be the perfect time for heated flooring. Our HVAC unit is 17 years old and the heated flooring system would […]

I got screwed on the heat pump installation

Rather than get a real HVAC professional I went with a local handyman that is known for HVAC installations. I bought a good heat pump system online that cost me a couple grand. I then got the handyman to come over for the heat pump installation. I was very clear that I wanted the heat […]

I love having heated seats in my car

I drove an ailing 1995 Toyota Camry for years despite the warnings I got from mechanics. There were so many issues with the engine and suspension that I was warned to never take the car onto the interstate. I had to stick to city and rural highways where the speed limit is always 55 miles […]