There should be multiple technicians present for an air conditioning installation

We moved into an older home last year and we had to upgrade a lot of things.

  • We loved the neighborhood since it has a lot of history and it’s in a wonderful school district.

Not to mention, there’s a park around every corner to walk our dogs and take our kids to play. But the amount of money we poured into this home was not worth all of the headaches that came with it. The inspection for the air conditioner was completed a few weeks before we moved in, and everything came back clear. The inspection report stated that the air conditioning and heating system had been replaced six years prior and would not need to be replaced for at least four more years. After about seven months of living there, the air conditioner completely broke down once the Summer heat rolled around. We called the inspector and an air conditioning technician to come and fix the problem. They found that the previous owner tampered with the report to reflect that the air conditioner was newer than it actually was so that they could make more money from it. We had a technician come and redo the entire system, but he screwed up so badly that another two technicians had to come the following week and redo the entire thing. I don’t understand why that first technician came alone because it’s definitely a two person job, but I’m glad we finally had this nightmare taken care of. Fortunately, we were able to sue the previous owner for tampering with official insurance reports so we didn’t need to pay for the new install.

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The air conditioning at new apartment developments is absolutely incredible

My boyfriend and I have been looking for our next apartment for a while now.

  • We want something new and modern in a safe part of town, but it’s so hard to find one with a decent price.

There’s a new development opening up in a few months so we decided to add our names to the waitlist for their grand opening specials. You can imagine how amazing it feels to walk into a leasing office with pristine air conditioning on a really hot day in the middle of summer. I would have kissed that air conditioner if I could. We were able to take a look at a few of the model units and they all had the same beautiful air conditioning system that the leasing office had. I expressed to the leasing consultant how much I loved a good working air conditioner since living in the South and she explained how newer developments who are built in a certain timeframe receive really high quality HVAC systems. Apparently the air conditioner is top of the line and used in hospitals and the White House! We were so excited about getting a good air conditioner at such a great price with the special that we applied to live there right after the tour. One of the maintenance guys was walking through just before we left so I chatted with him for a bit to get a better understanding of the air conditioner and just how great it really is. He told me that sometimes he goes into the model units for lunch just because the air conditioning is so great.


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Space heaters will always come second best to floor heating systems

I’ve lived in the South since I was a baby, so you could say that twenty years later I am pretty used to living in a hot and humid climate.

My childhood memories always stem from being soaked in my own sweat, and damp at all times from the moisture in the air.

It was a rare sighting to have a good hair day. Now that I am older, I aim to help other Southerners adapt to both hot and cold weather in a way that makes sense. Though the winters do not get incredibly cold, it’s important to have some type of heating system because your body is not very used to managing during cold weather. My parents had a central heating system, and used space heaters additionally in each bedroom. I always thought that space heaters were the best heating option because you received direct air flow of heat. When I learned about floor heating, I figured that was only something that people from the North used. However, after learning how cost effective and energy efficient heated floors could be, I figured I would try it out in my own Southern home! I got a great quote from my local HVAC technician. It was important for me to have a good price because I had learned how expensive the down payments costs of floor heating is. However, the monthly costs are less than the costs of a central heater! I loved my floor heating system so much that I only used a space heater once or twice that first winter season.
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Hydronic floor heaters is a revolutionary technological advancement

I had a friend who moved in with her husband for the first time right after her wedding.

Nowadays, couples tend to live together before marriage, so it was refreshing and odd to see her do it the old fashion way.

She said that moving in together was hard at first, but they were able to bond and connect as they worked on renovations for the house. Their heating system had to be completely replaced since the previous owner installed the current heater about eleven years ago. Since they purchased the home in November, they had to really step on it to get a new heater installed before the tough winter months arrived. Their HVAC technician told them about hydronic floor heating as an option. They had planned to just go a traditional route with a central heater, but they figured they went traditional in their relationship, so why not mix it up a bit? They ventured into hydronic floor heating and were surprised to find how energy and cost efficient the option was compared to central floor heating. And on top of that, they enjoyed it more!! They said that the first day they used the floor heaters was the day that their eyes had been opened to non-traditional methods of living. The floor heaters were so good that they laid on them for a while and ended up taking a nap on the floor, and that became their first marriage tradition! I thought it was super weird, but I’ve never experienced floor heating, so I can’t really judge.


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I made a youtube channel

I made a youtube channel dedicated to HVAC information.

It all started when I became an HVAC technician.

I was tired of being called into people’s homes to fix tiny problems with their window air conditioner or gas furnace that could have easily been fixed by the person themselves. In this channel I made videos on how to do simple HVAC tasks like changing your central air conditioner’s air filter, or small fixes for your zone controlled heating system. All of these things nearly anybody could do on their own. As an HVAC technician you might be asking why I would be bothered that HVAC customers keep calling me to do little tasks like changing their central air condiiner’s air filter. My answer is that I am tired of rushing to someone’s home hoping for a real HVAC challenge and being disappointed. I once went to a home that said their furnace had not been working for days. The problem was that they forgot to turn it on. The invention of the smart thermostat has helped tremendously, but many people don’t have or can’t afford a smart thermostat so they settle with their dial thermostat or programmable thermostat. So after being annoyed, I finally started my heating and cooling youtube channel. Every time I go to a home to fix an air conditioner or heating system, I leave them a card with my channel on it. My most liked and watched video is the one titled “how to change the air filter on my multi split air conditioner.” Many have come to rely on my HVAC youtube channel.
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The final mission

The final steps were in play.

Every furnace and cooling system in the capital building of dozens of countries had a chip in them.

This chip would override the smart thermostat, wifi thermostat, dial thermostat, and any other thermostat that was connected to it. It would cause the HVAC units to send poison through the air ducts at the time that the leader of the secret society chose. Only one set of chips malfunctioned and did not work. I am the only secret agent in the society that also has an HVAC degree. I went to college to become an HVAC technician and the owner of a heating and cooling business before I became part of the secret society. I was the only one who could fix the chips in the hot water boiler and central air conditioner at the capitol in the east. I felt the pressure because I only had a couple of hours to insert the new chips, but first I had to stop at a heating and cooling business to look for certain heating and cooling equipment for sale. I needed a tool that was typically only used on a multi split air conditioning system. After a long search, I found the part and headed to the capital. I posed as a normal HVAC technician and went into the HVAC room. After getting the old chips out I inserted the new and tested them to make sure they were capable of overriding the smart thermostat and blowing the poison out of the air ducts. I finished my mission just in time.

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The plan was initiated

Now that every capital building in our area had a chip in their central air conditioners, hot water boilers, and other heating and cooling systems, it was time to initiate the plan.

The goal was that a single button would be pressed, and the chips in the HVAC units would unleash a strong poison.

This chip was also able to override any smart thermostat or other HVAC computer systems. The chip would cause both the furnace and the cooling system to blow at full blast, and the poison would be pushed through all the air ducts of the building. The chip would be set off when the leaders of the country were all meeting inside of the building. They would hear the central air conditioner and furnace kick on, but by the time they caught on to anything, the poison would have already come through the air ducts and all of their minds would be controlled by a computer system the leader of our secret society had. It all was coming together perfectly except for one particular HVAC system. The capital in the east had a defective chip in its gas furnace and central air conditioning unit. I was sent to replace the chips with new HVAC chips, but I only had a couple of hours to complete this mission. The tension was high. Would my HVAC training I had from going to heating and cooling school be enough to help me infiltrate the gas furnace and central air conditioner in time? I felt the pressure like I never have before.


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I infiltrated another HVAC unit.

After implanting a chip in the hot water boiler and multi split air conditioner in the southern castle, and also in the multiple furnaces of the northern capitol, I was sent to the east capital building.

This proved to be the most challenging.

I was sent as an HVAC technician to the capitol building. I was sent to the HVAC room to work alone on the HVAC units. It seemed too easy. I planted the chip in the central air conditioner, then the hot water boiler. When I was finished packing up my heating and cooling equipment for sale, a man walked into the HVAC room with a serious look. He said “I know who you are, and I know you are not our capital’s real heating and cooling technician! He drew a longsword and a fight was on. While I was an HVAC technician and went to heating and cooling school for a career, when I was accepted into the secret society, I was trained in all the arts of fighting. There was an intense battle, and my goal was to leave this fight without damaging the hot water boiler heating system and the central air conditioner so there was no suspicion. I defeated the enemy and checked the a/c unit and boiler and was glad to find not even a scratch. I grabbed my HVAC equipment and went out of there as quickly and quietly as possible. The plan was nearly complete, and soon every capital would have a bug in their air conditioning system and furnaces.

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Saving money by stopping direct sun heating

There have been plenty of lessons for me to learn when I moved south.

Many of them were cultural.

I am from the New England region and I have to say there was a learning curve when it came to southern culture. I also had plenty to learn about some of the favorite foods down here as well. That was a good lesson as I’m just in love with the cuisine here. But I had to learn the hard way when it comes to paying far less on my HVAC cooling bill. And it was something pretty straight forward really. But for me, it was a complete unknown as worrying about HVAC cooling is all new to me. Where I came from, the whole focus was really just on the gas furnace and how to keep warm in the winter without getting ruined by high heating costs. We moved into a home where we didn’t have neighbors close to us. This was a first for us as we lived almost on top of people where we came from. So we decided to do without window treatments. It made sense to us both because we wanted to take advantage of all 360 degree views from our windows. But then the summer months rolled around. And the HVAC cooling bill went right through the roof. I thought there was something wrong with the HVAC equipment so I called the HVAC company. The HVAC technician confirmed that our HVAC equipment was in great shape. But he said our problem was direct sunlight heating up the air in our house. We now have solar shades and a utility bill we can live with.
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HVAC air filter change makes a big difference

For me, I had no idea that inside air could really be all that unhealthy. This is due to the misunderstanding that air pollution is an outside thing alone. But that’s what I thought. My idea of air pollution was vehicle and factory exhaust that made the air smell bad and noxious to breathe. That was air pollution and not inside an HVAC maintained house. So I was really surprised to learn that the EPA considers indoor air quality to be on the list of worst health hazards we all come in contact with. But there are so many things in our homes that give off chemicals. From the carpet to furniture to other household items, our air inside our homes has a lot of stuff going on. Then you have the HVAC heating and cooling equipment recycling all of that as well. And then you throw in all the allergens and other airborne contaminants and it can create really poor indoor air quality. Well there is one quick and easy HVAC fix for this. All we had to do was upgrade our HVAC air filter. We got rid of the cheap air filters and replaced them with HEPA air filters. The HEPA air filter traps and removes over 99 percent of all airborne contaminants. It costs a bit more but the difference it makes is just so worth it. Plus, our health is worth a few more dollars spent for a HEPA air filter. All I know is that once we put in the HEPA air filter, our indoor air quality went from poor to great. And that’s what we were looking for.

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