I’m not removing my mask for anyone

My friends and I are still working through this global pandemic, because someone still has to be there to service the HVAC equipment around town. My friends and I usually work on commercial projects, but a lot of companies are shut down right now. We have been receiving a lot of residential calls for ventilation work, new air purifiers, and air filtration equipment. Last week, my friends and I went to an apartment community to set up an air filtration unit in the main office. The apartment manager set up the appointment with the owner of the commercial HVAC company. My friends and I arrived early in the morning just a few minutes before the appointment time. All three of us were wearing gloves and a mask. The apartment manager asked me to remove my gloves and mask so she could look at my face. I offered to remove the gloves and mask as long as she was willing to stand six feet away. She acted like I was trying to steal all of the televisions and computers from the office. I tried to explain that I was just being safe, but she didn’t want to hear my explanation. She called my boss and told him that he would need to send three different people to work on the HVAC problem. I told my boss that I wasn’t going to remove my mask for anyone. My boss agreed that this was a clear problem and told the customer to call another HVAC company. We have to put our safety and health first.

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A new air purifier makes my Mom happy

I would have thought it was Christmas morning if I didn’t know any better

My mom has been really stressed out since they closed the borders and declared coronavirus to be a global health pandemic. I have done my best to talk to her and keep her informed, but she keeps talking to my sister who only listens to Fox News. I wanted to do something special for my mom, and I really thought about a lot of options in my head. I finally decided that a new air purifier might take some stress off her mind and also help the indoor air quality. I purchased an air purifier from the hardware store that uses UV light to kill all of the harmful dust, bacteria, irritants, and viruses. The air purifier doesn’t make any noise and can be moved from one room to another. The air purifier is on for caster wheels and is very lightweight. I specifically chose a UV air purifier because my mom won’t have to change the air filter very frequently. The air purifier is a stress free machine that can be set up and left alone. When my husband and I surprised my mom with the indoor air purifier, she was completely ecstatic and over the moon. I would have thought it was Christmas morning if I didn’t know any better. The UV air purifier is set up in the living room, and my mom swears that the air is cleaner and fresher than she can ever remember in the past. I am really happy that the air purifier has helped my mom to feel less stress during this awful time.


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I can’t wait until the weekend

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for the past three months.

I can barely think of anything else.

My girlfriend and I I’m going to go to Disney World. We are flying to the destination and we have a hotel for five nights. We are going to be at the amusement park for five days as well. We have tickets to see all of the attractions. My girlfriend and I have been saving for this trip for 2 years. It’s extremely expensive to go to the amusement parks, especially because my girlfriend and I have to take an airplane. Neither one of us prefer to fly, but we want to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We ended up with some really inexpensive tickets, because my mom had to cancel a flight and she had some miles saved up. My girlfriend and I paid a total of $98 to fly a thousand miles. The weekend can’t come fast enough. I have been doing my best to think about work, but I can’t focus on ventilation work when all I think about is Mickey Mouse. I’ve been working on the same ventilation job for 3 days in a row. It’s a good thing that I don’t have to account for my hours, because I can tell that I have been very absent-minded. My co-workers and I have been setting up the ventilation ductwork in a brand new hospital. The hospital is going to open in three months. We have two weeks to complete all of the ventilation ductwork and that’s plenty of time to complete the entire project.


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I think the truth was worse than fiction

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a customer that they are going to need a new furnace.

It’s one of the hardest parts of my job.

I don’t know what it’s like to tell a patient that their loved one has died, but I can imagine that a doctor must feel as bad as I do when they need to relay some bad news. Last weekend, I was working all day on Saturday. I responded to a call for a furnace repair technician. The customer ended up being a 75 year old guy who looks like my grandfather. I felt awful when I had to tell the guy that he needed a brand new furnace. The guy struggled to find words when I explained the furnace trouble in detail. I could tell that he didn’t have the money to pay for the repair or a brand new machine. I really hate to be the person to deliver bad news. I got bad news today when I found out that I needed four new tires on my Jeep. I was going to the dealership to have a flat repaired. I assumed they would be able to take out the nail and patch the tire, but they refused to make a repair since the tire didn’t have much tread left. The dealership told me that I needed four brand new tires. I felt just like the guy did a week ago when I told him that he needed a new furnace. It’s clear that neither one of us had the money to pay for these items.



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Someone left the front door wide open

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all of the refrigeration repairs in town? A lot of people don’t know this, but it is HVAC technicians that perform these jobs.

  • Some plumbers are also equipped with the knowledge to handle these past, but a majority of refrigeration issues are handled by certified heating and air conditioning technicians.

My wife and I have a small convenience store that has been open for 20 years. We started off with a small farm stand in the middle of a rural community and now we have a very busy convenience store that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, and boiled peanuts. A few years ago, my wife and I had to hire a couple of people to help us out in the evening. Since our children are getting older, they have a lot of after-school activities that we want to attend. My wife tired a young girl who is in college to work the front register. She was in charge of stocking the cooler last night and she left the door open. The cooler was open all night long and the refrigeration unit was not working in the morning when I got to the store. I immediately called the commercial HVAC company to schedule an appointment. I always get priority appointment times because we have a good relationship when the HVAC company owner. We had everything fixed before noon and the HVAC repair bill wasn’t too terrible. I need to have a talk with all of the staff about closing doors, windows, and the refrigerators.


Too many chiefs and not enough indians

I honestly can’t believe that they couldn’t find a way to get along for 7 days

There is an old saying that says there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. This saying means that sometimes it’s better to have one leader instead of many. I found this out the hard way, when I went on vacation for several days. I own a small air conditioning repair shop. I have three employees that have been working out the air conditioning repair shop for the past five years. I didn’t think I would need to leave anyone in charge, but I guess I was wrong. I was trying not to cause problems, but I should have just assigned someone to be responsible for all of the issues and problems. I ended up with several phone calls and text messages from all three of the employees. When they weren’t complaining about the customers, they were complaining about each other. It was the first time I ever took a week off and went out of town and everything went wrong. I thought that my employees would be able to handle all of the regular calls without a babysitter. They all have plenty of knowledge and expertise when it comes to heating and air conditioning problems. I honestly can’t believe that they couldn’t find a way to get along for 7 days. It makes me wonder if any of them are capable of being a good assistant manager. I need to find a strong number two so I can spend less time at work and more time with my wife and kids. That’s one big thing that I learned after taking a week vacation with my family.

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The HVAC products warehouse is hiring all shifts

For the past six months, I have been out of work.

It’s been a rough road, but I’m getting better everyday.

I fell at the bus station and I broke my leg. I had to go through months and months of rehabilitation exercises before I was cleared to go back to work. I had months of leg, arm, and back stretches. I had visits with the doctor, chiropractor, and the general practitioner. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to walk again. I was surprised when I found out that the HVAC products warehouse was hiring, because I thought I would have to wait to get a job until after the crazy pandemic is over. A lot of my friends and family are out of work, but the HVAC products Warehouse is hiring for all three chefs. I think it could be a good job to have, because they have benefits like dental and vision. One of my friends works at the HVAC product Warehouse as well. We might be able to figure out a way to carpool together. I already put an application in to the personnel office and I am hoping to hear back from someone very soon. I am happy to work first, second, or even third shift at the HVAC products Warehouse. I’ll do anything to get my foot in the door. The starting pay is $12 an hour and there is a dollar increase after 30 days. I know that I will be a hard worker, so I’ll have no problem working my way up the ranks very quickly.


I just want the air conditioner repaired

My mom and I have lived in the same apartment complex since she got a divorce from my dad.

We have been living here for the past five years.

Sometime during last winter, I started dating the daughter of the apartment manager. We are both over 18, but the manager was very unhappy with the circumstance of our relationship. Ever since we broke up, the manager has been really awful to my mother. It’s not like my mother was dating her daughter, so I don’t understand why she keeps taking it out on my mom. Last month, my mom called to request a maintenance appointment on the air conditioner. It doesn’t seem to be cooling effectively and I told my mom that she should ask the apartment manager to schedule an appointment for the air conditioner to be repaired. My mom called three days in a row before the manager finally called with an appointment time. The manager told my mom that her air conditioner repair appointment was going to be Monday morning at 9. On Monday morning at 9:30, my mom called because the air conditioner repair person still had not arrived. That’s when she told my mom that the appointment was on Tuesday at 9 am. I think the manager is just trying to give my mom a hard time so she will move out of the apartment building. My mom and I have been living here a long time and several apartment managers have come and gone. We’ll still be here when this one leaves too.


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The thermostat on the wall isn't working

My mom and my dad always told my brother not to throw the ball in the house.

Still, he is constantly walking around the house with a basketball or soccer ball between his hands.

My parents went away for the weekend and they left me in charge. I’ve been out of high school for a couple of months, but I haven’t started college. I’ve been taking the summer to weigh my options, but I’m still in charge when my mom and dad are away. They left for 7 days to go to a tropical location. I knew that phone service would be spotty, but I could call my grandparents in an emergency. While my mom and dad were gone, my brother knocked the thermostat right off the wall. He was kicking the soccer ball back and forth and it bounced up and hit the thermostat. It broke into pieces and fell to the floor. The air conditioner didn’t work again after the thermostat was broken. I tried to call my mom and dad, but I didn’t get anyone to return my call or text. I had to call my grandfather. He came over and installed a new thermostat, and he told my brother that he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere during the rest of the weekend. He took my brother’s soccer ball and the basketball and deflated them right in front of my brother’s eyes. He told me not to bother my mom and dad with the issue, and then my grandfather went back to his house. My parents enver grounded my brother for the thermostat, so I guess it turned out alright.

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I regret not having an air purifier

Six months ago, my wife and I had a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment for our furnace and air conditioner.

Our biggest fear was a new compressor or a faulty heat exchanger.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune on HVAC repairs. Everything went well during the appointment, but the furnace and air conditioner technician tried to sell my wife and I an air purifier. At the time, it didn’t make sense to spend money on an air purifier. We had car repairs to make and we Christmas right around the corner. Now we are kicking ourselves for not buying the air purifier. We can’t get anyone to install the machine now for less than $1,000, and the heating and air conditioning company was going to install a brand new air purifier for less than $600 six months ago. I really wish we could turn back the hands of time and change our minds. Right now is a great time to have an air purifier. It would certainly ease my mind and worry. I am constantly worried about the virus finding its way into our homes. We can wear masks, gloves, and a full body suit of armor when we leave the house, but the problem can still manage to find its way into our indoor air. I hope the government and capable scientists will be able to find a cure or an antibody for the virus sooner than later. There are a lot of lives at stake and our way of life can’t continue until we have something to stop the spread of the germs.