Getting into cross fit

Health and fitness is something relatively new to me. While I have always been an active person, I haven’t exactly taken the best care of myself. My diet and exercise were spotty at best. It was as though the obligations I had in my life came before my health and wellness. Fortunately, my husband got me into going to the local gym. He had joined as the doctor told him he needed to actively change is lifestyle. Once he got into a workout program, his life began to change. And, I don’t mean just his fitness level. I began to notice that he handled stress better, had more energy and was just well, happier. This made an impression on me so, I went with him one time. I was overwhelmed by all the aspects that made up today’s health and fitness centers. It was amazing really. I started out by doing some group physical fitness programs. This was great because they were all full of beginners just like me. From there, I progressed to the yoga classes and other workout programs. Before long, I was into personal physical training and nutritional counseling. All of this has prepared me for my latest fitness challenge. I am starting cross fit this week. While I’m not going to a cross fit gym, I have enrolled in a cross fit program at my local gym. I’m really excited to see if I can match the challenge that cross fit will present. My personal trainer assures me that I am ready for that sort of challenge so, I’m really excited to see what happens!



Yoga studio

Workout program transforms perspective

I find that I often get so much tunnel vision when it comes to leading my life.

  • It’s so easy for me to get mired in all the details that we all have to deal with.

That leads to me getting bummed out which leads to further distress. Until lately, I didn’t realize how much a workout program can help mitigate that sort of daily life malaise. It’s clearly evident now that I am a much happier person with a much more solid handle on living my life. But, it took me getting to a health and wellness center to make that change. Without the local gym or as I like to call it, the body wellness center, I would still be that bummed out overwhelmed sort of person. When I first got my gym membership, I took advantage of the personal fitness trainer. This certified fitness expert showed me just what I was capable of when it comes to health and wellness. I thing that was the key for me. Thinking of going to the gym as investing in my personal health and wellness changed my entire perspective. I wasn’t going to the local gym just to spend time on the hamster wheel. My time doing my personal physical training was time that I was investing in myself. And let me tell you, it has totally paid off. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a far better person as a result of my gym membership. Making time for my health and wellness is now a priority in my life and it pays me back a hundred fold.


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Gym is much more that weight lifting

I might be betraying my age a bit but, today’s gym is not at all what I remember.

Being an athletic girl in junior high and high school, I got into being good at something.

This made me want to hit a ball further or run faster or any other thing that would give me an edge. Back then, there was a school gym but it was always full of sweaty football players weight lifting. It was not an environment for a young woman to work toward fitness goals. In fact, I didn’t even want to be in there. So my dad and I looked for some other alternatives. In that day, the women’s only gym membership was just getting off the ground. I toured it but wasn’t really interested in a gym membership as it was less personal fitness programs and more circuit type training. That led dad and I to creating a sort of home gym and that worked out okay. As I got to be an adult, health and fitness definitely took a backseat to life. There was a career and then babies. It didn’t leave much time for getting to any sort of local gym. Nearly 2 decades went by before I felt the urge to really get back to health and wellness. When I walked into a local health and fitness center, I was stunned at the evolution of the local gym. My new gym is full of opportunities to meet and exceed personal training goals. I’m so happy to have a gym membership now as it is adding so much to my life.
Gym transformations

Personal trainer changed my life

It was way overdue and borderline too late.

My way to a gym membership may have actually saved my life.

We all know the effects of too much work and seeking release and reward in our appetites. That was my life full time for far too long. I worked too hard at my career without any sort of workout program. Health and wellness was for other people. It certainly had nothing to do with me. I got a sweat going a couple times a month on the squash court or the golf course and that was more than enough for me. Meanwhile, I worked 80 hours a week in a high stress position because I was both passionate about my job and I loved what the money could buy me. That was because I loved indulging all of my appetites like rich food, good whiskey and fine cigars. But, that all finally caught up with me when I passed out at my desk one day. The doctor had been after me to change my ways and get some health plans. Of course, I blew him off. This time, the doctor wasn’t just asking. My health was at a serious crossroads. Finally, I took my health and wellness seriously and joined my local gym. There I found a personal trainer who would effectively change my enter life. This person got me involved in nutritional programs. He is a certified fitness expert who knew just how to help me change my life with his inspired fitness coaching. I am forever grateful to my personal trainer and might not be here today without him.

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Health and fitness center is a welcoming place to be

I really sort of can’t stand the vibe in our country right now.

It seems as though everyone I run into has an angry, defensive and aggressive default setting.

I mean, I certainly can understand how that would be the case given the political climate in this country. However, I just wish more people could find the health and wellness perspective I have. While I have never been particularly angry at the world, I have experienced being very harried in life. I think we can all relate to that. Taking time for oneself was something that was just so hard to do. However, once I joined the body wellness center I now belong to, my perspective on life began to change. Through group fitness classes, personal training and nutritional counseling, I now have the tools to deal with the rush of our world. It’s just much easier to deal with the pace of our society when you feel good physically and feel good about yourself. It’s really sort of a no brainer. But, it took me joining a health and wellness center to figure out how important that aspect is in dealing with life. I love the workout program I am on. It not only provides me with a sense of personal fitness, it gives me a great sense of self at the same time. The yoga classes in particular have been something that has really helped me to understand that I don’t have to live at a pace that is too fast. I feel at home in my gym and the people there really welcome me. It has made a tremendous difference to my life.

Group Fitness Training Classes

Endless possibilities at the local gym

I like being active and have maintained an active lifestyle to some degree my entire adult life.

  • While I haven’t actively sought gym membership until recently, taking care of myself has been somewhat of a priority.

But, as my life gets busier and busier, I find that I have less time to actively motivate or remind myself to get out the and do something physical. So when a dear friend invited me to go to her gym, I decided that now might be the right time. Calling this place a gym was a bit of a misnomer given the breadth of personal fitness programs. Really, I think the place is more of a health and wellness center. Sure, you can still go in there and do the weight lifting that many of us associate with a gym. However, there are far more activities and interests at this certified gym than I would have ever believed. In fact, on that first visit with my friend, I never even did any sort of workout method. Nope, I spent the hour while my friend did her cross fit classes just speaking with certified fitness experts. They showed me, in depth, all the things I could get into by starting a gym membership. The place was chock full of so many options. I was particularly eager to find out about the yoga classes. The health and fitness center actually had a separate yoga studio inside th facility. It was so serene and I felt a new perspective possibility as soon as I walked in there. Finally, I got to spend some time learning about all the nutritional counseling they provided. It was an awesome experience. I went home and talked with my husband about it. Later that same week we both committed to gym memberships and couldn’t be happier.




Need the most from my gym

To say that I am into fitness would be akin to saying that I am also into breathing.

Wellness and fitness are probably one of the fundamental components of my make up as a person.

Honestly, I find personal fitness programs to be the hub of the wheel in my life. I started out as a kid being involved in all sorts of sports. I think this had everything to do with my parents attempting to just keep me busy. As a child, I was quite hyperactive. My parents were always just trying to wear me out so I would slow down or even go to sleep. All that focus on being physically fit really imprinted on me and only expanded as I got older. Once I found the gym in my late teens. I was hooked completely. All I wanted to do was participate in personal physical training. So much so, that I studied nutritional counseling as a minor while I was in college. But now, I am in a bit of a fix. Having found the perfect health and fitness center with all the workout programs that I adore, I am having to move. My company is transferring me to a place that is fairly remote. Knowing how important health and wellness is to me, the company offered to increase my corporate wellness programs. This is nice. I’m just not sure that I will be able to find the sort of local gym that will allow for me to continue to utilize the workout programs and certified fitness experts I have here. Hopefully, I will be able to find a certified gym in my new location.


New mission is for health and wellness

I used to scoff at terms like body wellness center.

That sounded like a pretentious name for a gym.

Come to find out, I could not have been more totally wrong about that. But then again, my life and perspective has completely changed due to a body wellness center. For years, I have been sliding into a health and wellness funk. When I was younger, I stayed pretty fit by playing sports and doing fun outdoor activities. But as I got older, it became tougher for me to maintain those high intensity activities. That’s when the slide to pudgy out of shape man started. And, it kept going. Finally, after years of pestering from my wife, I looked into considering some physical fitness programs. But, my mental version of the gym was so outdated. I thought I would be entering a world of muscle heads and the like. As soon as I walked through the door at the health and fitness center near me, I knew right away that I was in the right place. They had a yoga studio, cross fit, nutritional programs, a sauna and all sorts of other things dedicated to wellness and fitness. It was easy to find things that interested me and those interests were what would keep me going. I also consulted with certified fitness experts who helped guide me along my new health focused mission. The group fitness training classes were a great place to start. They had beginners in it like me so I had peers who could relate to where I was in my health and wellness journey. I’m so thankful that I am now addressing my health and wellness. And, I feel better than I ever have.

Semi-private fitness training

New best friends at the gym

Two things that I have never really felt comfortable with are now issues I am embracing.

And, it’s all because of the gym.

It’s hard to believe like something as simple as a gym membership could help with lifelong challenges. It all started when my doctor pointed out that I really needed to consider my health and wellness far more seriously. I was easing into my forties and was feeling as though I was in my sixties. This was concerning for me as well as my doctor. After a heart to heart conversation, he suggested that I go to a health and fitness center. He told me not to take on to much or jump in a workout program that was over my head. Instead, he suggested I just speak with certified fitness experts and just look around at what might interest me. This seemed like an excellent idea and I did just that. To be honest, it was really a bit intimidating to walk in the front door of a gym in the physical state I was in. Frankly, I was just embarrassed. Yet, I screwed up the courage to do it and man am I ever thankful that I did. The people at the health and fitness center were ever so welcoming and happy for me to be there. They made me feel welcome and safe. I found a beginner yoga class that I was encouraged to join so, I did. Now, I am feeling more fit than I ever have as I progress in my health and fitness goals. But the the part I wasn’t expecting was getting over my social fears. The gym is now home to a group of the best friends I have ever had.

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Getting carried away with my workouts

I often get carried away with the demands and duration of my workouts.

I consider fitness a priority in my life and never skip my daily exercise regiment.

Normally, I start my morning with a sixty minute workout. I usually perform all of the exercises to excess. I really enjoy lifting free weights. For a while, I was striving to lift heavier and heavier weights. I got into feeling the burn and tremble in my muscles when I was pushing them. As a woman, I’d prefer not to end up looking like a heavyweight boxer. I’ve had to make some changes to the workout. I now stick to lifting nothing heavier than an 8 pound hand weight. I have targeted high repetition lifts with lighter weights. I have added in sets of lunges while supporting nothing heavier than 6 pound weights. I perform high impact aerobics while holding just 2 pound weights. This change has resulted in toned muscles without bulk. I had a time where I got devoted to running. I was running for ten miles 6 mornings per week. I started to build up larger thigh muscles and I wasn’t happy with it. I also created a bunch of issues with my knees, ankles and feet. I’ve done enough push ups that I could no longer lift my arms. I’ve squatted until I was in so much pain I had trouble getting up the stairs. For the most part, I try to alter the target muscles of my workouts plus and never abuse a single muscle two days in a row. I try to avoid high impact aerobics every day and give my joints a day of rest. I only allow myself to lift weights a couple times each week.

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