We wanted a modern fireplace

The fireplace is the perfect way to heat a space on a particularly cold Winter afternoon.

Unluckily, not all homes can accommodate a fireplace installed! You may not have enough room or you may live in a different area of the country where a fireplace is simply unnecessary.

You may purchase a brand new home without these accommodations and later realize that a fireplace truly seems like a wonderful idea. No matter what happens, I believe an electric fireplace can be a functional and affordable solution that can add tons of value and appeal to any space. Electric fireplaces come in numerous odd shapes and sizes these days. They can be sited in the middle of a room or in the smallest corner of a tiny space. They can be free sitting or mounted next to a wall. Electric fireplaces actually usually have a way to control the amount of heat and hot air. Some modern electric fireplaces come with LED backlighting. My wifey and I moved into a lakehouse that did not have a fireplace when we first got there; During the winter, I constantly felt cold and chili. My wifey kindly suggested buying a space heater. When both of us started looking online, I quickly realized that both of us could buy an electric fireplace that would function properly as a space heating system but still look sleek and contemporary. We actually spent a bit more cash then I would on a traditional space heater, but the grand old electric fireplace turned our residing room into a cozy Winter wonderland. It will take more than one strong woman to easily transfer it, but I want one wherever both of us go.

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I want to go fishing.

I have been working a lot of weekends because people want to make sure their HVAC systems and air purifier are working perfectly

I love my job and I wouldn’t want to do any other job. I have had a good time being an HVAC technician. If it wasn’t for my job, I couldn’t afford my cabin by the lake. It isn’t a huge cabin, but it sleeps six, which is plenty big enough for my sons and I. My wife hates going to the cabin, and both of the boys are now getting older. They love going away on weekends with me. I think about all the bass, panfish, and perch that we have caught at that lake. I remember the first time my youngest son caught his trophy winning trout. He was thrilled. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get away to the cabin in almost a year. I really miss going to the cabin and fishing. I blame the pandemic for my not going to the cabin. People are worried and many of them want an air purification system installed, if they don’t already have one. In the last six months, I have installed more air purifiers than I have in my ten years as an HVAC technician. I know this is good for business, but I haven’t put in less than twelve hours a day since this thing started. I have been working a lot of weekends because people want to make sure their HVAC systems and air purifier are working perfectly. I don’t mind, but my body and spirit are getting tired. I could use a weekend to go to the cabin and rejuvenate. I don’t care what the weather is like, when this pandemic ends, I am going to the cabin for at least a weekend.

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Germs weren’t affected by the changing seasons.

The UV light will destroy most everything that is missed

I guess I was just wishful thinking when I believed that the coronavirus pandemic would end when the weather got colder. I should have realized that when the cold and flu season started, the Covid virus would also just intensify again. It was the heat that killed most flu and viruses. I don’t know if the heat even kills them. It is just that people are getting out of their homes more and getting fresh air. The other viruses and bacterias don’t spread as easily as the Covid virus. I have done my best to keep the virus at bay in my family. I had the HVAC system cleaned and we had the ductwork cleaned and sanitized. No one goes out of the house without first donning a mask. If someone comes to visit, they wear their mask and we put ours on. We also sanitize everything they touch when they leave. My husband and I are both retired and know that our health isn’t the best in the world, so we even put in more measures to help keep us safe. I called the HVAC company and had them install a whole home air purification system. There is a UV light to go with the air purifier. The air filters themselves are able to attract and destroy up to 99.97% of all viruses and bacteria. The UV light will destroy most everything that is missed. We have the air filter to help catch dirt, dust, and all other floating particles that are in the air. Although some of our family thinks we are paranoid, we feel we are just assuring that when the pandemic ends, we are still around to enjoy life.
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Exactly what does the warranty cover?

When we bought our portable air conditioner for the garage, we thought we bought a really good unit.

My husband had researched all of the reviews and he got all of the information on the air conditioner.

I didn’t want to pay a huge price for an air conditioner only to have it break in the first couple days. He was so impressed with the reviews and performance ratings, that he not only bought the air conditioner, but he paid for the two-year extended warranty. Over the next six months, that air conditioning worked perfectly for him. He had all of his business papers and tools in the garage. He often worked in the garage because it was so much quieter than in the house. With three kids and two dogs, the inner sanctum could get very hectic. My husband was an accountant and he needed quiet. When spring arrived again, he went out to check on the air conditioner. He realized that the hose that allowed the condensation to drip outside was leaking, he was going to buy a new hose. He read this was the AC unit’s only issue. We called the company to order a new hose and asked if someone could install it. The company told us they didn’t have a repairman in our area. If we wanted to have it repaired, we would have to send the AC unit back to the manufacturer. He wanted to just take the AC unit to where we bought it and they said they had no authority to repair or exchange, and he would still need to send it back. When they told him the return was at our expense, I thought he was going to have a stroke.


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Something has to work on these allergies.

It seems that ever since my wife and I moved into the new house, our allergies are so overboard that we feel like we are getting the flu.

With flu season coming up, it is hard to tell what the problem is.

I just know that we need to find out why our allergies are so bad and how we can correct it. I called the HVAC company to the house and asked if there was something wrong with the HVAC system? The first thing he did was ask if we would authorize him to get someone to come in and clean and sanitize the ductwork and air vents. He said there was nothing on their records that showed it had ever been done. I already knew the old owners of the house had used this HVAC company, so I went ahead and authorize the ductwork cleaning. He then did a good inspection of both the air conditioning and furnace. He changed out the air filters. He suggested we purchase an air filter that was made just for people who were smokers/or pet owners. It was made to attract more of the pollutants that came from the smoke, and it attracted the pet hair and dander. I also agreed to that. Then he asked if we would be interested in an air filtration system. This basically an air purifier. We could get a separate air purifier, or one that was called a whole home air purifications. This was an air purifier that worked in tandem with the heating and air conditioning. My wife tapped my arm and told me that was what she was talking about. She authorized this one.


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I am empathetic with my neighbor.

I know exactly how my neighbor feels when it comes to needing constant repair to my HVAC system.

Mine wasn’t the air conditioning unit, but the furnace.

It seemed like every time I looked over at her house, there was an HVAC service van in the driveway. At first I thought it may be someone visiting, since it was sitting there so often. One day, I saw her face when the HVAC van pulled up and she didn’t seem happy. I had to go over and see if there was something I could do to help. She told me they were telling her that she had to purchase a new air conditioning unit. She was talking about the four repairs they had already made and every time they charged her for service calls and even an after hours call on two of them. I told her that I knew a really good HVAC technician and I was sure I could talk him into giving her a second opinion for free. She tried to talk me out of it and said she didn’t want me to go to any trouble. I laughed and told her it was no trouble. If he wouldn’t do it, she just wouldn’t feed him his dinner. She looked at me oddly and I told her the HvAC technician was my son. She quickly agreed to having my son come over, but that’s when the HVAC tech came over with a paper for her to sign. He said that if she would just sign the paper, he would have the new AC unit delivered that afternoon. I asked if she had authorized this and she shook her head. I told him she had a second HVAC tech coming to give her a second opinion.

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The air filtration company finally came through.

A HEPA air filter is made to remove more pollutants from the air.

My dad was possibly one of the best dads ever. He always did things that were going to help me in the future. Even though I didn understand the weird gifts when I was younger, now I do. I remember thinking that dad had given me something odd when I graduated high school. He gave me stocks to an air filtration company. I had never heard of air filtration or HEPA. I thanked him, even if it was only half-heartedly. Then when I graduated from college, dad gave me more stocks. He gave me a total of 100 stocks for the air filtration company. Now that I was older, I was watching the stock market to see what my stocks were worth, and if they were growing. My air filtration stocks were only going for $0.68 per stock. I kind of chuckled and stuck them in the back of the filing cabinet. Fifteen years later, the pandemic hit. My little stock had already been slowly growing over the years, but now it had doubled over the six months. I looked up HEPA air filters to see what they were? I couldn’t believe they had been around for over sixty years. A HEPA air filter is made to remove more pollutants from the air. Their main usage was for hospitals, pharmacies, and anywhere it was essential to have basically dust-free and bacteria-free air. I shook my head, and told dad thank you. I thought about how I was thinking about selling the air filtration stock when it first took off.. He really was a mind ahead of itself.

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I refused to pay that price.

He said he could start the work within the month.

I don’t like paying full price when I am making a purchase. When it is a large box item, I try even harder to find a sale. If I know I have time before I need to make the replacement, I take my time. That’s what I did when I bought my new HVAC system. I had the HVAC company send a technician to my home to do my normal AC inspections. After only ten minutes, he told me there were some pretty big repairs that had to be done. He started on the estimate, and I just looked at him. I made the comment that I should just replace the AC unit and he agreed. My furnace was even older than the AC unit, so I asked if it would be cheaper to buy the two as a set or to buy them separately. He said he could give us a really good deal. He went out to his service van and he picked out some flyers and he brought in some paperwork. He quickly pointed out all of the sales they would have coming up in the next couple months. He did a few measurements and within half an hour, we had an estimate. He said he could start the work within the month. I wanted to wait for the big sale, even though I knew we may need the air conditioning unit sooner. He wanted us to make sure the ductwork was cleaned and sanitized. He also told us that if we waited for another month, they were going to have a special where we could purchase the HVAC system, an air purifier, and receive free installation. I can handle paying that price.

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We wanted to find the magic, but we found the filth.

My wife and I had been married for twenty years. After twenty years and three kids, our life had become very lackluster. Every day was the same and we no longer felt the magic. We thought that if we went back in time to when we fell in love, we could rekindle the magic. It was our anniversary and I wanted to make it special. I called the small hotel that was near our town and I made a reservation. When I told my wife, she was excited. That Friday night, we headed to the hotel. We should have known how bad it was when we were handed an actual key and the guy asked us if we were going to be there longer than an hour. The room was hot and stuffy and the thermostat didn’t turn the air conditioning unit on. The bed was dirty and we sat there and began to laugh. It had nothing to do with the room, but us. We enjoyed the getaways to the room because we wanted to be together with no one else to bother us. We left the stuffy room and got into our car. We drove home and sat outside in the car. The air conditioning was on as we sat there and talked until the sun came up. We got the magic back into our love and I couldn’t have enjoyed the evening more. The AC made it comfortable, but being alone where neither of us could move away, was the magic. It was the best anniversary we have ever had.

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I was considering HEPA air filters.

When the HvAC tech arrived, he made me glad I called

When this pandemic started, I was scaredI didn’t want to go out and do anything. I was almost afraid to go out with my mask on. Then I heard people saying that if you went outside, you should not just wear your mask, but you should social distance. Some people were going home, taking their clothing off before going into the house, and they took a shower before talking to their family. I knew that I had to find a way to keep my house cleaner. I was looking into putting HEPA air filters into my HVAC system. I was torn over the decision because I knew how much they cost. I also knew they could remove 99.97% of all germs, pollutants, and other bacteria and mold from the air. HEPA air filters were used in hospitals and other areas that needed to have clean air. I finally called the HvAC company and asked them to come over and let me know if I could have the HEPA air filters in the HVAC unit. My husband was just going to purchase the air filters, but I had read you can damage your HVAC system if it isn’t meant to have HEPA air filters installed. When the HvAC tech arrived, he made me glad I called. He told me my HVAC system didn’t have room inside for the HEPA> He did suggest another type of air filter that only removed up to 99.7% of the pollutants, but it was still good. My husband agreed to go with the different air filters.