My irritating roommate

He was always changing the thermostat constantly, and a few times it ended up getting me sick

Back when I was in college I had to rent a house and get a roommate to be able to live off campus. I was on the fence about this because I hate living with others, but it was still better than having to live on campus with some roommate in a little closet called a dorm! But this roommate I had in the house really used to annoy me. He was a good person otherwise, but he had this thing about always messing with the thermostat of the central heating and air conditioning system. He would never be happy with one single temperature. He was always changing the thermostat constantly, and a few times it ended up getting me sick. I got so fed up with all of this, that I eventually just shut off the air vent in my bedroom and went out to buy both a portable air conditioning system and a portable space heater so that way when he got on his rapid thermostat flipping sprees, I could go to my room and have it be one comfortable temperature for me and my body to avoid getting sick. This kid did not know the meaning of the word indoor comfort! When college was over and it was time to move out of this house and be free of roommates, I have to say I was not sad to never see this kid again. He made me dislike him so much because of what he did with the thermostat and the central heating and air conditioning system unit all the time!

a/c repairman

They broke it

I could have killed the construction workers that were doing work on the roof of my house the other month. Would you believe these careless morons dropped a bunch of hard heavy bricks from the roof directly onto my central heating and air conditioning system unit?! They ended up completely breaking the HVAC system! I could not believe it! I was so angry! I called the company and told them what had happened and I demanded that the company pay for a brand new central heating and air conditioning system for me! Because it was totally demolished. There was no other option than to get a brand new central heating and air conditioning system. And it was all at the hands of their careless construction workers! I got them to pay the thousands of dollars before I fired them all! They were smart to do that. Because I would have sued them and taken them to court for breaking my central heating and air conditioning system had they not come forward and took care of it. In the future I have to be more careful at choosing who I use for delicate work like doing a roof repair job. I had to call another construction company and I checked them out every which way before hiring them. When I told them why I fired the other, they were appalled. They guaranteed me their workers would never be that careless. So I did not have to worry about my central heating and air conditioning unit getting ruined ever again!
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Hood cleaning discovery

If it had sit like that for a while, they would have no heating or cooling and could have cost them to have to shut down for a day and lose customers while they got the commercial heating and air conditioning system repaired

I am a restaurant hood cleaner for a living. I work for a company that does this around the local area. I had some pretty good luck the other week while on a job. While up cleaning the hoods of the exhaust and stoves of this one restaurant, I noticed their commercial heating and air conditioning unit had a tear in the hose! I right away got down off the hood and went to see the manager to let them know. The manager was so grateful to me for taking the time to mention what I discovered with the commercial heating and air conditioning unit, that he gave me a personal cash bonus of one hundred dollars! And this was in cash so the company I worked for or the other workers would not know. By me reporting the hose having a tear in the commercial heating and air conditioning system, it made it so he could get right on the phone and contact the local heat and a/c company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist right away to repair it. If it had sit like that for a while, they would have no heating or cooling and could have cost them to have to shut down for a day and lose customers while they got the commercial heating and air conditioning system repaired. But nope, thanks to me, this did not have to happen. I was happy for the one hundred dollars in cash he gave me privately! I was able to get a few extra things this month because of it.

Heating maintenance

A late night with the a/c

I can remember way back in the day when I was a teenager, when the summer hit it was time to haul out the good old window air conditioning unit. I had one for my bedroom, and I would every single year have my best friend help me get the window air conditioning unit installed into the window of my bedroom. One time I recall we could not get together at a reasonable time, so we ended up doing it in the late night by staying up all night getting the window air conditioning system put in. Then once it was in we had a great time just hanging out with the great air conditioning pumping out the window air conditioning unit. I really miss those days. Things were so simple and basic. Summers were time for hanging out till all hours of the night and sometimes into the sunrise like me and my best friend did this one night we installed the window air conditioning system. Also, the window air conditioning systems when they would break down could be fixed for a whole lot cheaper than today’s central heating and cooling units. It just was a bit of a hassle to have to remove it from the window and bring into a heat and a/c repair shop. There were not any HVAC home services back then unless you were one of the well off people that could afford the old style central heating and air conditioning that had just come on the market at the time. Good and simple times these were.

wifi thermostat

I learned pretty fast how important air conditioning is

I never really understood how important air conditioning was until I moved out on my own.

I suddenly was in a place that didn’t have any air conditioning and I became extremely miserable during the hot season.

I used fans, but that wasn’t enough. All I was really doing was blowing around hot air and I felt like I was roasting to death in my home. I tried cheap cooling systems from different auction sites online, and I wasn’t able to find anything that actually worked. Honestly, the fan I used in my bedroom was way better than those little cooling machines that claimed all you had to do was add water and turn them on. I remembered that my father always said you get what you pay for. When I looked at the cost of window A/C units and full out central HVAC systems, I was surprised at how expensive they are. I wasn’t trying to get something I couldn’t afford, even if I could get a reasonable payment plan. I ended up opting for a window A/C unit that was on sale, and at least that thing was able to crank out some serious cooling in my room. I know my roommates were jealous when I was suddenly cool in my room all the time, and everybody else was dying in the heat. It was no use trying to get the landlord to do anything either because he said having A/C was not a part of the deal, he only had to provide heating for the winter season. When I eventually bought my own house, I was sick of using a window A/C unit and I ended up learning about ductless mini splits. Would you believe I bought a DIY model and installed it on my own?

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My neighbor’s crypto mining operation is impressive

I never really understood how people got into cryptocurrency mining until I learned that one of my neighbors had his own mining operation.

He showed me how he invested in all these miners that are basically powerful computer systems designed for this one purpose.

They are quite the investment, but they are powerful and they are apparently pretty profitable if you know what you’re doing. The thing that made me the most surprised was the fact that the neighbor had a dedicated cooling zone for the mining room. He has this very nice ductless mini split with 4 zones. One of those zones has the most powerful cooling unit with 18K BTU. That cooling system works regularly to keep the temperature control settings just right for the miners to work without being overheated. The neighbor was explaining that the heat pump was perfect because all that generated heat was simply pushed out of the house. It’s highly energy efficient so he does not have overly expensive energy bills from his cooling system. He does have pricey bills from his miners working regularly, but he generates way more profit in the cryptocurrencies. I have to admit, I think it wouldn’t be worth it if a lot of those cryptos that he is mining didn’t become far more valuable over time, but he has made a killing. He is already talking about buying a new home with a huge solar panel set up so that he is covered for all the power he needs to run his mining operation. With the way he is going, he’ll be making millions in no time.

air purification

I had to learn the hard way about not regularly changing my air filters

My father used to always say that if you don’t change the air filters for your HVAC, that’s a trainwreck waiting to happen.

When I was young, I didn’t fully understand.

I wondered how the HVAC system could wind up like a trainwreck, but it made sense to me when I moved out on my own for the first time. I changed the air filters at first, but then I started to forget about this important chore. I didn’t have my father always getting on my case to do that, and so it didn’t seem so important. Then eventually, I started having issues with the HVAC system. I called the landlord to see if the HVAC could be repaired. He asked if I was changing the air filters and as soon as I told him I forgot, he said that was on me and I had to take care of it. He even said that it was clear on the lease that I had to stay on top of the air filter changes. So I ended up having to call the HVAC company to have the HVAC system repaired, and it was expensive! I could suddenly hear my father’s warning repeating in my head about the trainwreck waiting to happen. It really was a trainwreck because I was paying a small fortune fixing an HVAC system that didn’t even belong to me! The thing is, it was all on me since I wasn’t paying attention and doing the air filter changes. If I had been doing that all along, I likely wouldn’t have had issues with the HVAC and I wouldn’t have had to pay such an expensive repair bill!


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You have nothing but time on a long train ride

It’s also fun to talk to other travellers if you care to talk to people like I do at times

I honestly enjoy riding on trains, ever since I first started travelling by train. It’s funny how it all started. I wanted to go on a road trip across the country with some friends, but then I had some issues with my car. We already had made plans to go across the country and see the sights, so we decided to get on a train. Now if I would have known better about trains, I probably would have booked a roommate with my buddies or even a full room. Of course those are more costly than riding coach, but at least you have your own thermostat for comfortable temperature control settings and you even get your own shower if you are lucky. I tend to book the trains now where I can get my own shower because I’m not huge into having to go to the public areas so much. Of course, if you do choose to ride coach, it’s a good idea to go to the public places like the diner areas and the observatory areas. It’s nice to just check out the views when riding on a long train ride. Because all you have is time when you are on a train, I highly recommend seeing the sights. It’s also fun to talk to other travellers if you care to talk to people like I do at times. Of course when you have your own roomette or private room on a train, it’s the best because of being able to adjust the climate control system. I would argue that’s the best reason to book these rooms, but you also have privacy if you are doing work and other things of that nature.



Our son loves to get into mischief

It’s like he was trying to tell me to have them cleaned in his own way

I love my son to death, but we have gone through a lot of trouble together. I thought our son would somehow work through the issues with talking when he was young, but then he was diagnosed with autism. We got him into the early intervention, but he still had his behavioral issues over the years. He always liked to do things that were mildly irritating in the beginning, but things he would obsess over. When I would put the diffusers in the bathroom to make it smell nice, he would dump soap into those and ruin them. He would try to rip the bathroom tiles from the floor and eventually I had to replace them with flooring that was not tiled. I was really bothered when he started removing the HVAC vents and hiding them in places. While it was annoying in the beginning, I do have to admit that it opened my eyes to something, how filthy the ductwork was! I realized that I hadn’t had the ductwork cleaned in years, and so I decided to have that done. The funny thing is, after I started having the ductwork cleaned regularly, he stopped messing with the HVAC vents. It’s like he was trying to tell me to have them cleaned in his own way. Our son has made some major breakthroughs over the years, but there are still things we have to keep in check. He even started obsessing over the new smart thermostat I had installed, until I put a pin code on it so he couldn’t mess with it. I’m sure there will be plenty more things to work through in the future, but I know we’ll handle those things when we get there.



Electric heat pump

Our dog really loves the air conditioning in our home

We were so happy when we adopted a puppy.

When we got the dog, we took our son with us and he actually helped us pick out the pup.

It was actually a blue pitbull, and the cutest puppy ever. We were very fortunate to get this dog as they are relatively rare, and sadly they get a bad rap. Well, this dog has amazed me over the years. I remember when we first were trying to name the little guy. My wife thought he needed a name that sounded human like Oliver. Our son wanted to name him after one of the Power Rangers which I thought was ridiculous. But then one day when I was cranking up the A/C system, I was amused because our dog would run over to the HVAC vent and relax. It seemed that the colder the temperature control settings, the happier he would be. When I realized that our dog enjoyed the ice-cold A/C as much as I did, I decided we should call him ‘Icey’. Nobody actually thought it was a bad name and it easily stuck. It didn’t take long for him to respond to his name and it was all because of his love for the air conditioning in the house. He also enjoyed taking baths which not all dogs seem to love, but he was a huge fan of the water. I preferred to put him in the baby swimming pool when giving him a bath because he would always jump out of the bath in the house and I would have to chase him around. Even when he was soaking wet, he would still run for the A/C vents to feel extra cold.

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