I guess money changed my uncle

My uncle has been insanely rich ever since he struck oil on his property so long ago.

My father was always somewhat bitter about his brother because he said how the money changed him.

I never really understood the grudge my father had towards his brother, but my uncle never gave me a hard time about everything. Actually, going to his multi-million dollar home was always an experience. It felt something like going to an amusement park as he has a rollercoaster in his backyard along with a lazy river that goes around his huge swimming pool. He even has a wave pool, and that’s the most pleasant time ever! The really cool thing about the lazy river is the fact that it goes through a big tunnel that has really cool lighting. There is a bar there, but obviously us kids were never allowed to drink, but they always had fruit juice and soda! The other amazing thing is how that area stays at the right temperature. It stays really cool in the summer and it even stays going in the winter. I remember asking my uncle about the heating system for the lazy river and the swimming pools, and he told me about it all and how it was expensive to have everything installed just how he wanted it. Well, he did a great job, but I wish that my father would have come over to visit more over the years. My father always said if our uncle wanted to see us, he could always come over to our home to visit. I guess my father is right in a way because our uncle never would visit. I always figured he was too busy, but maybe he feels our home isn’t good enough or something like that. We don’t have all the fancy stuff, but at least we have a nice climate control system with air purification.

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Saved a lot of cash by installing my own ductless mini split

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not rich by any means.

  • I don’t have a huge amount of money in savings, but I do budget carefully and stay on top of the finances.

It was pretty crazy when my wife and I sold our last house and moved to a big country home. We knew that we could make this work because I work from home. If I didn’t have the remote work, we honestly wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without enough collateral. We were able to sell our old home for a good amount of money and so we suddenly had a lot more in savings. We considered what important things we had to do with our new home, and of course the first thing I thought of was the cooling system. We bought our home right before the winter season, so we had time to consider what kind of cooling system we would go for. The heating system is actually a boiler and it works beautifully. We had it tested before we used it through one of the local HVAC companies, and everything was looking good. Well, when we finally made it through the winter, the clock was really ticking. I had an HVAC professional quote us on a few different cooling system installations. The one I was interested in the most was the ductless mini split. I thought the energy savings sounded amazing and the fact that we could also use it to heat in the winter, sounded great. Well, I wasn’t too happy when I saw the price it would cost to have it installed. I ended up looking into the DIY ductless mini split models, and I decided to go for it after watching installation videos. It was way easier than I could have imagined and I saved us a huge amount of money!

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Just so hard to choose at the cannabis dispensary

This is all sort of new to me.

Other than using recreational marijuana a few times in my early twenties, I didn’t really know much about marijuana products.

I read about cannabis a great deal in an effort to sort of learn what to expect and which sort of cannabis products would be best for me. When the law changed allowing recreational marijuana use, I was eager to give it a try. This is due to the fact that I’m not much of a drinker or partier. However, I was interested in the calming, relaxing and perspective generating benefits of marijuana. From what I read, I was eager to try both sativa products as well as indica products. I was rather confident about myself when I made my first trip to the marijuana dispensary. But that confidence quickly oozed right out of me once I walked inside. I had no idea how many different cannabis products there would be to choose from. There was everything that a person could even think as far as marijuana for sale. The look on my face must have said it all because a staff member came right to my aid. He told me right away that while there was a lot to choose from, he could help me start with the basics. That was a relief and exactly what I needed. He put together a sampling of sativa products and indica products for me to try. I have found that I like them both for their different properties. But I know one thing for sure. I made the right call about recreational marijuana. It’s just what I was hoping it would be.



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Now I see what all those old hippies were on about

To say that I have led a conventional life would be putting it mildly.

I have been a rule follower my entire life.

Having grown up in a strict religious household, I think I was terrified of ever thinking for myself. So it was a no brainer that I’d do the right thing, get an education, get a good job and settle down. That’s exactly what happened. Shoot, even in college, I was afraid of even smoking marijuana. The myths and misinformation I had been pounded with about cannabis over a lifetime were entrenched. I would literally walk out of a place if there were even pot brownies on the premises. Well all that straight living led me to hate my life and want to find out who I was. This led to a lot of self discovery. And thanks to the local cannabis spot, I’m continuing that work. This sort of thing may seem completely surreal to most. But for people like me, cannabis products have helped me get real about who I am and what I want. Some of the revelations have been tough. I’ve changed jobs and my wife and I have split. But my kids and I are closer now than we ever have because I am authentic and they get that. My eldest son, who is nearly 30, is dealing with similar feelings. He has found that certain indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary are really helping him determine what direction he wants to go. I’m thankful for the help I have received at the cannabis dispensary. And I’m no longer afraid to think for myself and live my own life.

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Letting go of anxiety with help from marijuana

The world I see is very different from most others.

  • This is due to the fact that for as long as I can remember, I have dealt with crushing anxiety and depression.

However, with the use of cannabis products, I am seeing more like other people more than I ever have. I can remember just watching people be happy and wondering why I was so damaged. It just didn’t make any sense to me that others could live such fully functioning lives and I could barely board the train for work. And just working through the day ended up being too much for me. Fortunately, I am now able to work remotely from home. Still, I have tried so many different medications, doctors, therapies and a host of other things to mitigate the suffering I endure due to my condition. But I just didn’t get very good or long lasting results from the meds. Then I started to read more about cannabis after a friend of mine encouraged me to consider marijuana for my situation. She too spent her life struggling just to live a life. However, she is so much better now that she found a sativa strain for sale that is working great for her. I learned more about sativa and finally took my friend up on a visit to the cannabis dispensary. The staff there set me up with an array of cannabis product samples they thought would help. It’s only been a short time but I’m feeling better than I have ever felt before.

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Getting creative thanks to recreational marijuana

There was a time in my life when my art was my passion. I even started out in college as a straight up visual arts major. Unfortunately, I allowed parents, relatives and others to get in my ear. I changed my major to graphic design so I could get a good job. Well, I did just that and I have been working for nearly 7 years at that job. A recent trip to the cannabis dispensary has me looking at things a bit differently. When I was in school, myself and several of my classmates enjoyed recreational marijuana. Not only was it a great decompresser from school but using cannabis also was a great creative motivator. A friend came in town who uses sativa and indica products still and invited me to get something for myself. I chose an edible hybrid strain. And that night, I had a bit of an epiphany. While I am thankful to have my job and the decent living it provides, I just don’t like the trade off. There is a hole in my heart since I abandoned my passion. I saved half the hybrid strain edible for the next day. And I felt even more strongly that I wanted to pursue my passion. Due to that trip to the cannabis dispensary, I was able to work out a deal at work. I’ll maintain my job for now but they will help me go back to school to earn an MFA in the visual arts field that I have longed to be part of. So it appears I’ll even be able to advance my career while doing what I truly have wanted to do for a long time.



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More and more from the legal weed store

And they serve great coffee, tea and the best edibles I have every tasted in my entire life

Okay, so I’m still grinning over the fact that recreational marijuana is now legal where I live. This was a change that I really didn’t think I would see happen in my lifetime. I watched with great anticipation as medical marijuana became legal in more and more states. Still, I wasn’t all that hopeful that I would be able to just go by the local cannabis spot and get marijuana for sale. So please be patient with me as I continue to be a bit giddy about the recreational marijuana development in our area. The cannabis dispensary to first hit our town was pretty awesome. They had a wide variety of marijuana products to choose from for sure. From Orange kush to some wild hybrid strains for sale, there was plenty of cannabis products from which to choose. However, as time has passed, we are seeing more and more for marijuana dispensaries around here. For one thing, they are all now offering cannabis delivery. Can you believe that? I once had to dash and dodge the law just to get my hands on marijuana of very questionable THC content. Now, I can get high grade sativa products or indica products delivered to my door! It’s like gilding the lilly and I love it. But my favorite addition has been the new cannabis cafe. It’s a perfectly lovely setting on a side street with a Parisian cafe feel to it. And they serve great coffee, tea and the best edibles I have every tasted in my entire life. So yea, with every few months, we get more from the cannabis stores and I still feel like I may wake up any moment and this was all a dream.

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It’s always good to treat yourself with some sativa or indica

Life is to be lived and enjoyed.

This is something that I firmly believe in and a perspective that I try to keep in the front of my mind.

This world is full of pain and suffering. There is no escaping that fact. We are all dealing with stuff from dissatisfaction to outright suffering. It’s just part of living. But there are also other, wonderful parts of life. And a weekly shop at the local cannabis spot really helps me to make sure that I pay attention to the good stuff. For a long time, I sort of got into the whole stress and suffering for my work thing. That was sort of the default setting of my generation and still bleeds over to those just starting careers. Fortunately, I changed all that when recreational marijuana became legal in my state. Prior to the law changing, I had used recreational marijuana some back in college. I liked the sativa strains the best. So when cannabis was legalized here, I decided to give it a try again. The results were amazing. And they were near immediate. All that suffering for my work business changed once I started using the sativa products I purchased at the cannabis dispensary. The truth was that I was using that suffering as a way to play the martyr. And that was about as fake and ridiculous as I can get. Marijuana really helps me cut through all the junk and get down to intentions. I guess you might say that cannabis products help me keep it real. And I am now all about that.

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Newly optimistic with trips to the local cannabis spot

A buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen in a very long time gave me a bit of a brutal assessment.

  • This was a guy I was very close with when we were in college and graduate school.

So it’s a guy who knows me well and whose opinion I trust. Back in those days, we enjoyed a fair amount of recreational marijuana. Of course back then, you couldn’t just stop by the cannabis dispensary on the way home from work. What we got back then was whatever we could get. Sometimes sativa and sometimes indica but rarely any hybrid strains. Plus, we never knew just what the THC content was in any of the cannabis we were using. My friend and I used recreational marijuana as a way to unwind and balance out all the stress from our rigorous studies. And it really helped. That buddy came to visit for a weekend. Before he left, he told me that I appeared off center and not balanced when it came to work and my life. He told me that he was honestly worried about me. This caught my attention. That weekend was the first time I had used recreational marijuana in a long time. And it felt great. So, I took my buddy’s advice and dialed back the stress for a better work and life balance. I’m also mixing in stops at the cannabis dispensary for some sativa strains that are helping me to relax and refresh. I’m thankful my friend came to town and I got that feedback. Now, all I have to do is keep it in mind and relax a bit more with some recreational marijuana.


Embracing a change with trips to cannabis dispensary

Change has never really quite been my thing.

And that is quite the understatement.

In fact, up until recently, I have gone out of my way not to have to change. And that would mean not changing my routine, my thinking or anything else that I’m familiar with. Well, with the help of the good people at the cannabis dispensary, I’m now embracing an overall lifestyle change. Just going to buy cannabis products is a radical change. It’s not that I have never used marijuana because I have. It’s just been a very long time ago. But that was also a time where I was actually quite calm, happy and living a life I enjoyed. Since then, it’s been sort of a march toward a stressful life where I have felt completely overwhelmed much of the time. Finally, I’ve just had enough and I want to change that trajectory. My wife and I both decided to read more about cannabis. And the more about marijuana we learned, the more appealing it sounded. The fact of the matter is that both sativa products and indica products help us to reduce our anxiety. And with that reduced anxiety comes a fresher, more broad perspective. That combination is helping us to realize that we are in charge of our lives and nobody else is. Recreational marijuana is legal here so buy marijuana for sale is not tough at all. That was also a very appealing aspect of using recreational marijuana. All we have to do is slip my the local cannabis spot for the marijuana products we need.

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