My little Winter time creature shelter

I know I now have my own little creature shelter, separate from even trying… Winter time of all of the seasons is the extremeest, then unescapable cold weather kills multiple creatures every year.

We’re incredibly blessed to be able to snuggle up next to our heating devices plus escape the cold… Most creatures, however, aren’t that blessed plus end up dying in the cold, then i’ve always felt bad for creatures in those situations, although I never did anything to help! That is until I found a fluffy kitten that was in my backyard, almost covered by snow.

I took the kitten in plus warmed it up, plus then found it home, not too long after, I found a puppy in a similar situation… Every time I would nurse an creature back to health, another one would come needing my help. I used my gas furnace to moderate up a lot of the creatures, plus that seemed to work absolutely well. I even found a few almost frozen lizards, plus I decided to take them in as well. I then decided to set up an outside shelter for any creature that needs it. I put out lots of moderate beds, plus I put out a heating pad for lizards that need it. I decided to take it a step further, plus started searching for creatures that needed help. I was amazed at the amount of helpless creatures I found freezing in the winter. I turned up the heating system in my condo plus started advertising homes for the little ones. I have about 30 creatures I’ve rescued now, plus I am glad I am making a difference.
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