If I leave our front door open too long it messes with the central a/c

Whenever I go to the grocery store to stock up on items for the month, I always struggle with getting the groceries up the single flight of stairs and through the front door of our apartment.

  • I try to tell the attendants and baggers to double-bag our groceries because the plastic keeps getting thinner and constantly causes problems as I’m making our way up those stairs.

There are few things in the world more daunting and frustratedting than enjoying your full bin of groceries tear open right before you reach the top of the stairs, causing glass jars of tomato sauce to tumble down and smash once they careen into the ground. I don’t care about using extra plastic than what I already have, although I can’t afford to lose $20 in groceries over a single plastic bag. There’s something that I’m more distraught about though. Even if I don’t have airborne groceries and torn bags, I still am going in and out of our front door numerous times to bring in all of the bags from the store. I never noticed before, however recently I was seeing a drop in cooling system performance! It seemed to correlate with the amount of times I come in and out our front door when I’m emptying our car. A lot of cool air escapes and our cooling system starts cycling. With each time I open the door, moderate and humid air rushes in and our cooling system works even harder. Before I guess it, the temperature on the thermostat increases by numerous or numerous degrees within 10 minutes only. I have to be careful to not keep the door open too long each time I have to leave or return. It’s an uphill battle when it’s taxing enough as it is just to get the groceries up the stairs, let alone the time spent getting through the doorway itself.

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