My previous Heating plus A/C provider never showed up on time (if at all!)

I’m not usually the type of man who takes to the internet to vent about a exhausting client repair experience.

I’m not trying to be a Karen, I’ve given our Heating plus A/C provider every option to do the right thing. My Heating plus A/C provider (former Heating plus A/C provider) was bad at client service. They constantly left behind a mess- garbage, dirty footprints, etc.- every time they came to the house to tune up the central air conditioner and/or central heater. Sure, that was awful. What made the situation worse was that this was on a nice afternoon, however back in the summer time when I needed our central a/c substituted, I had to call various nights in a row. No a single in the Heating plus A/C providers offices would answer the cellphone or call me back after our voicSMS. There were chances in which I would have a tied up central air conditioner tune up but the Heating plus A/C specialists would not show up to do the job. The Heating plus A/C specialists/Heating plus A/C provider did not even bother to give me a courtesy call to let me guess that they would not be available. I took over 5 minutes of personal time from work trying to be there for the Heating plus A/C specialists who tied up the central air conditioner tune up. Needless to say, I am looking for a current Heating plus A/C provider plus our ears are wide open for Heating plus A/C provider recommendations. Like I said, I don’t usually get online to complain about dealers (Heating plus A/C providers or otherwise) but this Heating plus A/C provider has horrendous client repair plus honestly little care for the individuals they charge (too much) to serve.

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