My smart thermostat sent myself and others a notification to get a up-to-date filter from the store

I was a slow adherent to smart technology, however now I am obsessed.

I was foolish to assume smart phones were merely a gimmick when they first hit the market well over 10 years ago.

Then when tablets were developed, I thought the same thing. I was proven wrong time in addition to time again as up-to-date phones were released over the years that revolutionized the technology in ways I would have never thought possible. To assume that I would have a small ipad in addition to GPS in my pocket that can remotely fasten to the internet in most places of the country is just mind blowing. Over the course of several decades the latter half of the ipad revolution has taken them from mere ubiquity to being essential features of our unquestionably social ecosystem. I use my smartphone to log when I need up-to-date prescription refills, as well as loading my labor calendar in addition to SMSs. Recently I purchased a smart thermostat so I can use an app on my smartphone to control the air conditioner device in addition to oil furnace whenever I’m not at home. There’s another wonderful feature that I would have never expected before purchasing the up-to-date thermostat. It sends a notification to my phone whenever I’m ready for a filter updatement. I never have to worry about going too long separate from replacing my Heating, Ventilation & A/C filter in addition to causing damage or unnecessary stress to my air conditioner unit. I stock up on the filters after getting them in bulk from an internet based business. I don’t suppose where I would be right now separate from my smart technology. It has woven itself into the unquestionably fabric of my being.